What is High Bay Light used for and why it is Important in a Warehouse

Buy the lower cost high bay light in Canada
Buy the lower cost high bay light in Canada

High bay light is used in commercial, warehouse, and industrial applications as a means to light these large, open spaces. Manufacturing facilities, gyms, indoor assembly spaces, warehouses, department stores, factories, and more all employ high bay light. Highly directional, high bay lighting covers vertical and horizontal space, and is commonly hung from the ceiling through hooks, chains, or is sometimes affixed to the ceiling directly.


Commercial property managers can use high bay lights to illuminate spaces with higher ceilings where more traditional lighting sees challenges. High bay light is used, more specifically, for ceilings that range from twenty feet to forty-five feet in height. Comparatively, low-bay lighting is used on ceilings for twenty feet and under. The nature of high bay lighting is something more powerful to light a larger size than would be possible with a lesser quality light. This makes it ideal for commercial and industrial use. Also, high bay lights can be inputted into numerous different types of fixtures including round, linear, architectural, and grid-mount. Each one of these comes with its own coverage style and it is recommended to search for the best light according to a property manager’s personal taste.


The numerous advantages of high bay lighting in a warehouse environment is that it provides clear lighting, illuminating what’s below it with little glare. There are reflectors that can also be used to divert this highly directional light to different areas of the room and/or to spread it out. There are numerous types of high bay lighting, including induction lights, fluorescent lights, and metal halide lights. Keeping this in mind, the most highly praised form of high bay lighting is LED earning its reputation due to its long life expectancy and high energy efficiency ratings. Though LED high bay lights require a bigger investment upfront, in the long run, they are in fact a low-cost alternative to other possibilities.


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