Get All your Party Supplies and Party Décor under $1 at

Buy party supplies and deals under $1

Buy party supplies in Canada for under $1 when you shop with, Canada’s top lifestyle and party supply eCommerce site. Specializing in all sorts of home items and party décor, has numerous deals that range on the verge of being free.


There are hundreds of items to choose from so feel encouraged to mix and match according to the needs of your party. Also, if you want to sweeten your finds and save a little money, provides fast, free shipping to anywhere in Canada as long as you buy any 5 items or more. Let the search for items begin and for under $1, you can’t go wrong with that.

Buy party decoration under $1
Buy party decoration under $1

Browsing inventory in retail at stores like the Dollarama and the Dollar Tree, you will find the selection is not that extensive. Even the prices don’t end up being that fulfilling once all these party supplies and decorations are added together.


Thankfully, at, there are plenty of party supplies for under $1. At the end of the day, you might save anywhere from $5 to over $100 – depending on the size of the party, of course. Even on a budget, when you buy with, you can still throw one heck of a party. Take advantage of these $1 discounts for a limited time only!


Looking through some of the most popular party supplies for under $1 available through the shop, these include the Party Paper Beverage Napkins 25*25CM 2ply 50Pcs – LivingBasics™ for $0.99, the Number Mylar Balloon Silver 26″ 1Pcs LivingBasics™ for $0.99, the Party Plastic Table Cover, 54*108″ – LivingBasics™ for $0.99, the Umbrella Picks for Party Drink Bamboo Paper Cocktail Drink 10CM 24Pcs – LivingBasics™ for $0.99, the Party Plastic Swirl Party Decorations 6Pcs – Pink – LivingBasics™ for $0.99, the Party Paper Doilies Round Lace Doily Table Decor 8.5″ White 50Pcs – LivingBasics™ for $0.69, the Party Crepe Paper Streamer Let’s Party 100′ 1Pc for $0.99, and more.


Be it Christmas, Halloween, a birthday, a corporate party, or a summer party, decorations and party supplies for under $1 are only a click away. There’s plenty of items to pick at, ensuring that the party gets done right. Celebrate with these exclusive deals and commemorate your occasion while spending the least amount of money possible.


Select more traditional, simple party supplies, or go with something a little more complex and unique. As your Canada’s #1 source of party supplies and party décor, get in on these party supplies under-$1 deals today and save big!

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