Bluetooth earphones are here to stay, providing the opportunity for consumers to listen to music hands-free, take phone calls, and more. For consumers of all ages, there’s one Bluetooth earphone that is getting strong reviews with some calling it ‘one of the best in Canada’ – that’s’s mini-wireless Bluetooth invisible earphone S530 earbud.


If one’s going by customer reviews alone, the invisible Bluetooth earphone is small, yes, but what an amazing product. Comfortable to use, this invisible Bluetooth earphone is not going to fall out on your commute home from work, at the gym, or anything. Place it in your ear and enjoy the advantages of being able to beam audio directly into your ear sans wire.


Today, you can buy the Mini Wireless Bluetooth Earphone Invisible S530 Earbud Small Music Headset Hands-free With Microphone for only $5.99 from Having adopted the latest Bluetooth V4.0 technology to this model, use your earbud on two smartphones or devices at the same time. Be it iPhone, Android, or another brand name smartphone, this is the ultimate earbud!


Among the features you’ll find when you tear open the packaging to retrieve this invisible Bluetooth earphone is low energy consumption with ultra-long standby and talking time, voice prompt support, a number report when there’s an incoming phone call, and easy portability ensuring it can be conveniently used when driving and even while doing sports. is a growing Canadian eCommerce brand specializing in home products and tech. Even for casual smartphone users, let’s face it, we use its audio on the go constantly. Be it for music, podcasts, to take phone calls or whatever else, finding a decent earbud is not easy. Some are uncomfortable to wear, others are expensive, and then, there are those that are just made cheap. Instead of risking buying another bad pair of earbuds, shop with us and for under $6, we can almost guarantee it’ll be a hit. Needless to say, we’re proud to be able to offer this high quality invisible Bluetooth earphone.


Shop with and forget about picking up a cheap pair in the checkout line. Bought in a pack, the Mini Wireless Bluetooth Earphone Invisible S530 Earbud Small Music Headset Hands-free With Microphone for $5.99 shouldn’t need replacements anytime soon.


Compared to models at similar price points,’s mini-wireless Bluetooth invisible earphone is second to none. Buy with and you won’t need anything fancy. Get strong performance that cancels out the noise and gets you the crisp, clear signal you deserve.

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