Get ready for a pool party with our water park accessories!

Summer is the best time for a pool party, with friends, family, the whole neighbourhood! Water sport accessories can often break your budget, so we’re inviting you to check out our new product line at, that allows you to host a party for your kids or your friends on a dime.


Have a ball with our glossy panel 16” Beach Ball for just $0.99! Its classic red, blue, and yellow design goes great with pool parties, trips to the beach, and backyard fun. Made from high-quality PVC material and including an inflation nozzle, this beach ball makes the best bang for your buck.


Whether you’re swimming in the pool or at the beach, you and your whole family can make all sorts of new games with the 4-piece set of Dive Balls, for just $4.99. These toys sink to the bottom of the water and remain visible from the surface due to their colourful, upright neoprene fabric tails. Add them to your pool and challenge your family to a hunt. Place them tactically and see who can find the most. Take a game like Marco Polo or Colours and make Dive Balls an immunity token to give younger swimmers an advantage with the bigger kids. Give them the confidence to reach new depths in their diving abilities!


Another fun backyard water toy is the Giant Bubble Maker, for $3.99. This 12” x 8” wand is the perfect apparatus for blowing huge bubbles bigger than your head! The world-famous design, created in 1984, by architect David Stein, gives you the chance to make gigantic, protoplasmic bubbles. Including an easy slip-loop feature to control the shape and size, you can make globular, tubular, double bubbles, even bubbles within bubbles. It also comes with a special recipe for making the biggest bubbles! Some of the best conditions for creating giant bubbles is cool weather, high humidity, and a slight breeze, perfect for the last half of August.


What pool party would be complete without a waterslide? We’ve got a 15-foot Spiderman Waterslide for only $14.99. This non-inflatable, easy setup slide is perfect for getting your kids and their friends to play outside for the day and pairs up easily with sprinklers, squirt guns, and water balloons. The Spiderman theme lets them imagine they’re slinging webs around New York as they extend their wrists towards the Spiderman on the end of the slide and whip through the yard!


Order any five items and get free shipping anywhere in Canada! With warehouses in Montreal and Vancouver, you’ll get it quickly, before the end of summer vacation. If you need it quicker, add fast shipping to any product for $5.95. For all your pool party supplies and water sport accessories, for kids and adults, check out today!

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