Get a Bluetooth Smart Scale for under $20 with Delivery to anywhere in Canada from

Bluetooth smart scales to track things like weight, body fat, and more are a favourite among Canadian consumers. Ideal for Canadian families seeking to live healthy but also perfect for more general multi-person households, a Bluetooth smart scale for under $20 can help in identifying improvements and losses across a range of different health measurements.


For the perfect wireless Bluetooth body fat scale involving smart weighing up to 396 pounds, shop with to receive the best price. For only $19.99, enjoy over a dozen unique features included with this Bluetooth smart scale. For example, you know how you can create different accounts on Netflix, giving each member of the family their own cue. Well, with this Bluetooth scale, store up to eight unique user profiles, tracking weight, body fat, and more. Tap into one’s own statistics through a smartphone app and begin improving your health right away!


This Bluetooth smart scale is also eligible for fast, free shipping to anywhere in Canada, on orders above $49. FDA, CE, FCC, ROHS, and SGS certified, the under-$20 smart scale comes with bio-electrical impedance analysis technology and is powered by USB port charging lithium battery. Complete with four sensitive electrodes and on a 6mm tempered glass platform, it looks high-tech, it is high-tech, and it’s something that we know you’ll appreciate. The hidden LED screen integrated into this trendy design easily matches any bathroom or bedroom aesthetic. Rest assured knowing you’re getting accurate readings on auto calibration settings and high precision sensors that measure in increments of 0.2 lbs. or 0.1 kg up to maximum capacity.


From, this highly impressive Bluetooth scale is wireless, digital, and capable of measuring and estimating body fat percentage, body water percentage, visceral fat percentage, muscle mass, bone mass, BMR, BMI, weight, protein, obesity, body age, LBM, and more. Synchronize these measurements to paired ready devices and have that information accessible any time.


The days of using a single number measuring weight as the predictor for how healthy a person is are over. A Bluetooth scale like this provides more information into the full state of your health, showing off the positive impact nutrition and the gym can have. Even as one’s weight changes, it’s important to have other indicators which at times are far more reliable at determining health.


Shop your Bluetooth bathroom scale at today and save money with a sale price under $20. They say that no ordinary scale can accurately measure one’s success in health, nutrition, and fitness. Despite this, your wireless Bluetooth scale is no ordinary scale – buy it today!

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