For many families across Canada, buying Halloween décor is a welcome part of the annual tradition of making things extra spooky for the season. As a go-to source of Halloween party supplies, has helped thousands of Canadian households get the spookiest Halloween décor at significant discount. Browse exclusive deals and on-sale Halloween supplies for under $15.


Spider webs


Spider webs have become almost a necessary piece of Halloween décor over the years. Spider webs are inexpensive and can be used in bulk all throughout the house, inside and out, for maximum effect. If you want to have the title of the ‘spookiest house on the block’, using spider webs to frame your Halloween house is where it’s at.




The spookiest of Halloween houses come with strategically placed lights. Though we associate Halloween with darkness, having direct lighting or little beady lights are ideal for creating atmosphere. On the exterior of a home, you want to use bold, clear white lights. Inside, you have a little more freedom to make use of different colored lighting. When done right, there’s nothing more effective at highlighting key pieces of décor.


Ghosts, skeletons, and iconography


Halloween iconography goes a long way in creating mood. Think ghosts, ghouls, skeletons, pumpkins, and more. Any of these can be made out to be absolutely horrific or they can be done almost cartoonish. Depending on the vibe you’re going for, you may want to go for spooky more than adorable or vice versa. Halloween households can’t resist using at least a few of these icons to help scare things up a bit. Needless to say, your home isn’t complete without some reference to these common monsters.


Window stickers


Halloween window stickers are festive, fun, and they let people know you’re celebrating. Though the inspiration may not be entirely to make a scare, signifiers like these are important for trick or treaters and guests. There’s even some glow in the dark! At least, when you shop with


If you haven’t started decorating for Halloween, we hope this is a glimpse into some areas to start. See big savings when you shop online with Having just launched our Halloween sales month, now’s the perfect time to buy all the scary stuff. Needless to say, is proud to be here for Canadians seeking for new ways to make Halloween special. Browse the today for fun, inexpensive Halloween items!

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