Choose the Best Halloween Decorations for your Haunted House this year with

Halloween is a very pride-filled holiday for those creating haunted houses for the neighborhood kids to enjoy. If you’re staying in for trick-or-treaters and are putting together a display, you may want to consider these Halloween decorations.


Flickering LED Halloween tea lights for $1.25 are an expensive way to keep the eye moving. If you have a lot going on in your haunted house display, you’re going to want some light to direct the eye to where you want people to look. Light might seem like the exact opposite of what you want to take on Halloween however when used sporadically, it has quite the power behind it. If flickering LEDs aren’t your thing, there’s also Halloween indoor string lights for $3.99.


Glow in the dark Halloween window stickers for $1.29 is a fun way to enjoy the Halloween spirit. There are more Halloween stickers in the catalogue however the glow in the dark pumpkins are by far and away the most requested from our customers.


Halloween light-up hanging ghosts for $1.99 changes color and can be set up to hang wherever you need it. Batteries are included. Though you will need a pretty dark backdrop to really bring out its light, if you don’t already have a light display planned, a Halloween multi-colored ghost might be a good plan. Inexpensive, pretty decorative Halloween supplies like this are few and far between.


There are several other common Halloween decorative elements that can help set the mood, including cobwebs and spider webs, Halloween fright tape which just happens to be on-sale for $0.99, and Halloween tinsel garland combination set of four for $3.59. These are fun decorations to set aside to fill up space that may need a little extra kick. These aren’t centerpieces by any means and, to be fair, a lot of Halloween decorations aren’t. It’s all about creating a mood and an atmosphere that translates over to kids, adults, and all ages.


This year, take your spooky decorations to new heights with any of the Halloween products. Buy and design according to your room’s dimensions, and create the perfect backdrop for the kind of vibe you want to give off. Be it throwing an adults-only Halloween party or having something for the neighborhood kids to look at, there’s all sorts of decorations to consider. Pumpkins, black cats, skeletons, graveyards, the paranormal, and so much more classic Halloween imagery can be seen in our pages. Available for purchase on a limited-time basis, shop to find the best deal in Canada.

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