Halloween decorations can easily get creepily expensive, especially if you’re not watching. If you’re looking for Halloween decorations in Canada for cheap, we think Living.ca can help. If you need to make the most of what you got in your wallet, Living.ca is Canada’s best place to shop for Halloween. October 31 is right around the corner so don’t wait another minute to pick up all your favourite decorations to get things extra spooky.


See amazing cheap Halloween decorations like a light-up hanging ghost which can change in color for $1.99, Halloween indoor string lights in orange for $3.49, Halloween glitter flickering LED tealights with a battery included for $0.99, an extremely spooky Halloween hanging skeleton ghost for $1.99, giant black furry spiders for $2.99, Halloween fright tape for $0.79, Halloween window stickers that glow in the dark for $3.99, and Halloween pumpkin stickers for $0.73.


Halloween is the ultimate time to embrace all things spooky and creepy. October 31 only comes once a year so why not take advantage – get ready ‘cause there’s no holiday like this one. There’s not going to be any colourful lights, gingerbread houses, and family hugs. Halloween is all about getting ugly with masks, blood, scary costumes, and spooky decorations. It can be as family-friendly or as an adult as you need it to be. Get in the festive spirit today with Living.ca and without breaking the bank.


At Living.ca, we’re absolutely obsessed with Halloween. As one of Canada’s favourite places to shop for party supplies and cheap Halloween decorations, we have dozens upon dozens of different options to enjoy. Searching for a killer Halloween costume – we got it. Are you looking for a mix of Halloween elements to create the ultimate haunted house – we got everything you’d ever need. Are you looking to spice things up this Halloween in a way you haven’t done before either with a brave costume or dressing up your work desk – there’s so much to browse at Living.ca for cheap that you won’t have to spend a fortune to find it.


Stick to your budget, no matter what kind of Halloween you’re looking to throw. We’re weeks away from Canada’s scariest day of the year. Celebrate it in big-time with Living.ca. Skeletons, bats, and black cats await. Juxtapose flowers and bones, family and fun, and haunt with beauty to create a one of a kind Halloween house you won’t ever forget!

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