Christmas Gift Ideas for the Kitchen at

If you’re one of those families that prefers to get something that everyone can enjoy, then you might be looking for kitchen tools and accessories as your Christmas gift ideas for 2018. We have a huge catalogue, including kitchen organizers, small appliances, kitchenware, and tools for wine lovers and mixologists, exclusively online at


If you work at a start-up or private business, you could really use the new SortWise™ Coffee Capsule Storage Drawer for Nespresso Coffee Pods, regularly $19.99, on sale now until November 16th for just $14.99! This heavy-duty metal coffee pod drawer holds up to 60 Nespresso Coffee Pods, features an anti-slip pad on the bottom, and a sturdy 26cm x 41cm platform to hold your coffee maker, allowing you to keep everything in one convenient location.


Upgrade your lifestyle and downgrade your environmental footprint with the SortWise™ Bamboo Cutting Board Set, for the everyday low price of $9.99. This three-piece set of bamboo cutting boards includes one each for meat, fruits and vegetables, and garnishes and serving hors d’oeuvres. The boards measure 13”, 11”, and 8” respectively.


Made from Moso bamboo, this is a 100% organic product that’s completely biodegradable, naturally water-resistant and antibacterial. Bamboo, being one of the fastest growing and most easily renewable resources, requires no deforestation or replanting to harvest for wood, meaning it’s very environmentally friendly.


One of our most popular kitchen accessories is the LIVINGbasics™ Wooden Block and Stainless-Steel Kitchen Knife Set, just $24.99! This fourteen-piece set features knives forged from high quality 3Cr14 stainless steel that are not only super sharp for precision cuts, but also FDA-approved, resisting stains, rust and bacteria. They’re one piece knives, meaning there’s no place for bacteria to accumulate on the knife and you don’t have to worry about the handle falling off. Ergonomic and made of high carbon chrome steel, this knife set makes a beautiful gift for anyone who loves to cook for friends and family.


When you place an order of $49 or more, you get free shipping nationwide!

We’ve got warehouses located in Montreal and Vancouver, so whether you’re residing in Elgin or Gagetown you’ll get what you need in about a week, two weeks at most for remote locations.

If you’re under pressure to get your order, you can always add fast shipping to any item in your shopping cart for just $5.95 and receive it in a day or two, tops.

For all the best Christmas gift ideas for your kitchen, home or office, visit us today at!

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