9 Spices every Chef and Cooking Enthusiast should have in their 3-tier Spice Rack

Spices have been used for hundreds of years to enhance stews, breads, desserts, and all sorts of tasty foods. They warm our hearts and our home, and leave us with some of our absolutely favourite dishes. If you’re thinking about purchasing a new multi-tier spice rack, here are some kitchen spices to consider for it!

kitchen 3 tier organizer from Living.ca
kitchen 3 tier organizer from Living.ca



Cinnamon comes from inside the bark of certain trees and grows all over the world. Although most commonly used in Middle Eastern cooking, cinnamon is a spice that has made its way into all cultures’ culinary items.




Cilantro is native to the Middle East and southern Europe, and has been a cooking staple for centuries. Cilantro is found in many soups, stews, and curries, although it can also be used on smoked meats, breads, and some desserts.




Cumin comes from the fruit of the seeds of a flowering plant originating in the Middle East and India. Cumin can be found in various mixes of chili powder and curry powder, and is used in different breads and flavoring cheeses.




Garlic powder is oftentimes combined with salt and used in various spice mixtures. It can be added separately to dishes in cultures around the world, ranging from European cuisine to Mediterranean dishes.




Spearmint and peppermint are the two most common forms of mint, although there are other varieties. Mint is used in a variety of different dishes, including some form of meats, vegetables, rice, and a number of desserts.




Mustard spice can be added to meats, salad dressings, and stews. Although you won’t use it often, when it does come up, a little bit of mustard goes a long way.




Parsley is used prominently in a wide array of different meals. Considered a bitter herb, parsley can be used as a dried spice or a fresh herb, depending on the dish.




Saffron is the most expensive spice there is. That’s because to make one pound of saffron, more than 225,000 bright yellow flower stigmas are required. Saffron is used in many traditional dishes, particularly in Spain, and is used across different foods in Persian, Indian, European, and Arab cuisine.




Cayenne pepper spice is usually used to create hot chili dishes. If you and those around you don’t like spicy, hot flavors, you may want to steer clear of cayenne.


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