A Tribute to Neon Lights – Their History, Where They Came From, and Why They’re So Popular

Neon lights are absolutely beautiful indoors as a night light or for subdued, atmospheric lighting. Browsing Living.ca for example, you can find neon lights in flamingo, cactus, and star designs, alongside palm trees, unicorns, and hearts.

neon light from living.ca
neon light from living.ca

People of every age love neon lights and that’s been the case for decades. Tracing back the history of neon lights, today’s lights take inspiration of yesteryear’s neon signs. The first presence of neon gas of any variety came in 1898 in London, UK by William Ramsey and M. W. Travers. Almost by accident, in 1902, the world’s first neon lamp originated in the hands of Georges Claude who was a French engineer. He continued working on his neon lights for nearly a decade, eventually revealing them to the public in Paris in December, 1910.


Fast forward a little bit and the first company producing neon gas signs in the US was launched through Claude and a partner in 1923. It wasn’t long after that where neon lighting became a trendy go-to light fixture for outdoor advertising. Since then, they’ve been used almost everywhere. Hotels, gas stations, art exhibits, in residential homes, and all over. Neon lights have somehow become a timeless representation of western culture, and something which continues to have a place in homes all over Canada and the United States.


The first colors produced from neon glass are blue, white, gold, and red. In fact, red is the only glow neon gas produces. Other colors can be created however combining elements like phosphor, mercury, and argon. Using phosphor-coated tubes, there are now more than 150 different available colors. This has opened the doors, as it relates to what’s produced and how neon lights are used. Certainly, the many different colors have helped with the popularity of neon lights. Artists have come to utilize different components of neon lighting to spell out words like ‘LOVE’ and similar messages. These and similar cultural developments have kept neon lights popular throughout the years.


If you are seeking neon lights to implement in your bedroom, living room, in the kitchen, or somewhere else in the home, we have models available for as low as $6.99. Choose from your favourite models and get them on-sale today. For a child’s bedroom, neon lights are a sweet lighting product to keep things feeling safe and fun. Check out indoor neon night lights with holders from Living.ca today. Get them all for 30% off or m

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