Have you Ever Thought about Adding Vinegar to your Laundry – Try It!

You may have read online about the benefits of adding vinegar to your laundry. If you haven’t, it’s something you may want to give a try. Vinegar – not apple cider, but the regular white – is a very versatile product which can be kept around for several uses. Vinegar’s great at preventing smells, is an effective way to clean your dishwasher, is an easy way to avoid a fruit fly infestation, and yes, works wonders on laundry.


Neutralizes odors.

Vinegar has quite the fragrance to it, we know. In laundry though, it’s a great smell neutralizer. Add a half cup during the wash cycle to help remove strange odors. Any smells related to pets, cooking, or smoke odors are no match for vinegar.


Protects colors.

As an add-on, vinegar in your first wash can help protect and set colors. On new clothing, this protection is especially important. Brightly colored clothing – think reds or blues – can be soaked in undiluted white vinegar for 15 minutes prior to the first wash. Doing this is believed to help eliminate the possibility of bleeding issues later on.


Softens water.

‘Hard water’ refers to water with metals and mineral deposits in it. It’s abrasive on the skin, dulls clothes, and minimizes the power of your laundry detergent’s power. Consider adding half a cup of white distilled vinegar to the final rinse of your washing cycle. Subsequently, vinegar can also be used to resurrect clothing which has been dulled and faded because of hard water. Simply take your clothes, soak them overnight in vinegar and water, and then, wash using a full cup of vinegar in the rinse cycle.


Stain removal.

If whites are starting to turn yellow or if you have a food stain, vinegar is an easy way to remove stains. If something’s yellowing, soak it overnight in one part vinegar and 12 parts water. Then, wash it on the rinse cycle with half cup of vinegar to bring back the white. Comparatively, for any spot treatments, apply undiluted vinegar to the stain and wash immediately. Add a half to two cups of vinegar to the washing cycle as well to help remove tougher stains.


Fabric softener.

Lastly, vinegar is a great fabric softener. It releases trapped bacteria and tackles the growth of mildew. Put a half cup of vinegar in your fabric softener compartment to keep clothes soft and smelling good.


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