What Coffee Machine does Starbucks Use and Can you Make it from Home – yes!

Since being founded in 1971 by a group of friends looking to launch a small business selling high quality roast coffee beans and equipment, Starbucks has become the world’s biggest coffee chain with more than 19,500 stores worldwide.


Starbucks coffee is very unique in both its preparation and in taste. The company has more than 20 different roasts, ranging in strength from mild to that which is ideal for everyday drinking and then the stronger drinks which have a real caffeine kick to them. This isn’t even mentioning the seasonal coffees which come through as coffee growers cultivate certain coffee beans only available at certain times of year and/or the corporation choosing to blend beans a certain way to celebrate a holiday like Christmas.


Beyond the beans, Starbucks is also well known for using certain equipment including premium quality coffee machines. High-performance espresso machines from the Mastrena brand, for example, are known to generate fully automatic bean-to-cup coffee. They have an exclusive partnership with Starbucks which unfortunately means the Mastrena brand is not found anywhere outside of the company’s properties.


Although traditional bean-to-cup machines are easier to use than a traditional espresso maker, they also don’t always produce the best coffee. That said, there are a lot of positives to using a bean-to-cup espresso machine or bean-to-cup coffee maker. They eliminate the need for a separate coffee grinder, as an example, as it’s already built into the machine. Some of the best comparable Starbucks-esque coffee machines include the JURA brand, the Sage Oracle, and the De’Longhi Magnifica. Remember when we say how these sort of bean-to-cup roasters produce less quality coffee – well, it’s true and that’s our issue.


If you’re serious about getting premium coffee at home, similar to Starbucks, and yet you know you’re not able to procure the same equipment as the corporation, we recommend shopping quality coffee makers and espresso machines, and buying your own electric coffee bean grinder, instead of going with a single bean-to-cup roaster. Yes, you’ll be adding on a few extra steps however you’ll also be saving $100s and at the end of the day, you’re going to get better coffee.


You don’t need Starbucks to get high quality coffee. Instead, shop a small, thin high quality single-cup coffee maker at Living.ca, browse our 15-bar pump espresso machine, and pick up an electric grinder. Get it all from Living.ca today and enjoy fast, free shipping to anywhere in Canada.

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