What is the Best Smoothie Blender you can Buy Online

Always a popular purchase, there’s a lot you can do with Living.ca’s professional-grade smoothie blender, using it for juice and milkshakes as well. Although blenders come in a range of shapes and sizes, the classic and traditional Living.ca blender is a reliable, high performance instrument of the kitchen.

Enjoy a powerful 1,500-watt performance, capable of 32,000 RPM. Featuring a stainless steel blade, you won’t have any trouble breaking down fruits, veggies, and for vitamin extraction. The 70oz BPA-free container is also environmentally-friendly, healthy for the family, and has the size to make drinks for everyone in the household. Enjoy variable speed control, a pulse feature, and soup function. There’s an auto shut-off and overcurrent protection, ensuring the blender’s not going to overheat.

The best smoothie blender in Canada will help you put together fruit smoothies, veggie smoothies, whole juice, break down frozen ingredients, grind nuts, mix batters, and more. You’ll be glad to have it. Even better, if you’ve been waiting for the right time to buy, Living.ca is holding the special event where you can obtain 5x more S-points on every order. You’ll feel good about saving money on it and it’ll give you a key tool to getting you on your way to being a professional home chef!

One of the challenges of healthy eating is we don’t oftentimes have the kitchen appliances we need to eat the way we want. A blender is one of those tools. With it, you can make fresh smoothies from home. Save yourself $100 every year by making homemade smoothies instead of going out. Being able to toggle between speed is a bonus and crushing ice, frozen fruits, or other ingredients is no trouble. Using a smoothie mixer like this, there’s no limits to what you can make.

Featured Photo by Pixabay from Pexels

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