We’re Celebrating World Cat Day on August 8 with these Cat Trees

International Cat Day is an opportunity to relish in all that we love, adore, and aspire for in cats. Originally created in 2002 by the International Fund for Animal Welfare, this is a celebration of humanity’s most ancient pet. Cats have been domesticated for nearly 4,000 years, in fact. Regardless, if you’re a cat owner, you may be interested in doing a little cat shopping to help bring in the occasion.

If so, we invite you to Canada’s own Living.ca. As pet owners ourselves, we love cats and we make no secret about that. There’s a lot of glory and grace in cats and kittens, and they’re wonderfully independent in a way that dogs and other domesticated furry creatures aren’t. Browsing the Living.ca catalogue, you’ll find several multi-level cat towers that will certainly delight your feline friend(s).

Among the smallest models is a 44” scratching cat tree with a multi-level activity center. Very inexpensive compared to similarly sized cat trees, this gives your cat a place to play, exercise, scratch and sharpen the claws, and of course, to relax. Made from high quality chipboard, it’s a sturdy construction with 3 perches, 1 condo, 2 playing toys, and 5 scratching poles. If you can’t justify spending on anything bigger than this, the 44” scratching tower is still a great gift for your cat!

Next step up are the 54” and 57” models which are both deluxe and very fun. You receive scratching trees, condos, and a built-in hammock. They’re made from manufactured wood with multiple platforms and easy-to-assemble instructions. The 57” cat tree is probably our most popular of these models with soft plush, platforms, hammocks, ladders, and more.

Now if you have multiple cats or kittens you need to tend to, you may need to go a little bit bigger. And hey, this is International Cat Day so we ain’t cutting corners. The 68” deluxe cat tree is a playhouse unto itself, big and bold. It stands about 20” taller than the average tower, manufactured from particle board, soft plush, premium sisal rope, and more.

Cat furniture is a great buy for any cat owner as it’s going to keep your kitten from clawing at the furniture. If you’ve been waiting for the perfect opportunity, drop in at Living.ca and see what catches your eye. We’re sure you’ll be pleasantly surprised by what you find! Here’s to World Cat Day!

Featured Photo by Gratisography from Pexels

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