Bamboo in Home Design is Growing Ever More Popular Across Canada

As a home design material, bamboo’s been used for decades in individual pieces of furniture, accessories, and all sorts of bits and bobs. Inspired by modern contemporary and rustic design trends, bamboo’s making a sort of comeback in product and home décor. See it on wallpaper, in our flooring, in the bathroom, kitchen, and the front yard. Here’s a few ways lightweight bamboo’s being used in Canadian homes.

Coffee pod holder

Are you a fan of coffee pods and making coffee at home? These little pods can look might disorganized when you don’t have something to put them in. Instead of tossing them in a bowl, drawer, or having them in a pile on the counter, set them up in a bamboo coffee pod holder perfect for 24 pods. Fits comfortably into any kitchen drawer!

2-in-1 kitchen utensil holder

Lightweight kitchen stands, storage, and organizers are extremely popular. This multi-functional bamboo kitchen utensil holder will keep safe your spatulas, stirring spoons, salt and pepper, and even will take in your favourite spices. It’s a countertop organizer that’ll save space and looks great!

Collapsible bamboo laundry hamper

The collapsible bamboo laundry hamper is built on an X-frame and uses fully machine-washable canvas. It’s portable and lightweight, both aspects you’ll find are common among almost all bamboo home décor and organizers. Be it in a bedroom, dorm, apartment, or bathroom, a hamper like this is perfect for keeping your dirty laundry all in a single location ready to wash.

Makeup brush set with travel bag

Created by ZOE AYLA, this is a professional-grade 11-piece bamboo makeup brush set. In bamboo aesthetic, receive 11 brushes including a foundation, blush, eye shadow, eye smudge, concealer, eyebrow, smudge, highlight, multifunctional foundation, extra-powder, and powder. The natural bamboo handles will match them perfectly to any existing bathroom bamboo aesthetic you have going on.

4-tier bamboo bathroom shelf

Multi-functional storage racks in the bathroom are making most from limited space. This 100% natural and eco-friendly bamboo 4-tier bathroom shelf is non-toxic, durable, and perfect in any modern contemporary bathroom. It’s perfect to place toiletries, towels, sundries, plants, and more. This is another perfect way to get some bamboo in the home while saving space and adding stability.

It grows fast and is very sustainable. Ultimately, bamboo in home and lifestyle design continues to be an exquisite eco-friendly material you can build a wide array of products from. Find your favourites at and match them up to your existing modern, contemporary home!

Featured Photo by Leandro Vendramini from Pexels

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