5 Reasons to Choose a Memory Foam Pillow For Your Bed

Memory foam pillows are an outstanding choice for any bedroom. Built from heat reactive cushioning insulation, memory foam adapts when pressure is applied alongside heat. A pillow like this will mold according to the object on it – in this case, a person’s body. More than any other pillow type, memory foam forms to the head and neck better ensuring an easier sleep. Here are 5 reasons why memory foam pillows may be right for you.

Pressure point support

Memory foam pillows adapt to the outline of your body, its unique shape and everything. This means your neck and back are being properly supported. Where there’s no pressure, the pillow adapts and where you would normally have stress on the body, the memory foam moves in to support.

Spinal alignment

Poor spinal alignment is a major cause of discomfort ranging from general back pain to headaches. With memory foam spinal alignment, you are using the warmth from your body to shape the pillow around you and supports your spine in the gentlest, most effective of ways.


Memory foam is synthetic and safe. Every memory foam pillow from Living.ca obstructs the growth of bacteria and dust mites, as they are hypoallergenic. For those who have allergies relating to dust mites or similar materials, a little bit of memory foam at bed time provides some relief and escape.

Sleep apnea

Through the spinal alignment that a memory foam pillow provides helps to align the airways and ensures easier breathing. A memory foam pillow for sleep apnea works well for this reason. A person struggling with this condition, they won’t have to toss and turn so much as well.


A big worry about those who choose memory foam are that they won’t hold their shape over time. Fortunately, they do. Studies have shown memory foam is actually less likely to go flat than traditional pillows. The foam conforms to fit the body and when it cools down, it reforms back to the original shape. Comparatively, other pillows will develop lumps and go flat in time.Don’t sacrifice the quality of your sleep.

A memory foam pillow provides comfort you’ve never had before if you haven’t tried one. They’re eco-friendly, memory foam will retain their shape for a long time afterwards, and they last way, way longer than any standard pillow will. Consider the cost of replacing pillows to the lifespan a memory foam pillow can provide. Shop your favourite memory foam pillow today from Living.ca.

Featured Photo by Sam K from Pexels

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