5 Must-Have Crystals Every Believer Must Have in Their Collection

Every crystal carries with it a unique meaning. In crystal healing as the energy of the crystals transfer to the user, we rely on these meanings and interpretations to ensure a user’s receiving energies they want as opposed to ones they do not.

For beginners in crystal healing just starting out, some suppliers have upwards of two dozen gemstones or more. It can be tough knowing which one’s right. Here are 5 basic crystals, each with their meaning and effects outlined.


Jade is a crystal associated with wealth, success, and wisdom. Using jade in crystal healing, you will find the wisdom you crave to move above your limitation. Jade will help you shed what’s holding you back and give you a portal to discover your inner truth. Any negative patterns, say goodbye!

Rose quartz

Rose quartz is a stone of love, attracting unconditional love, forgiveness, and compassion. The ultimate symbol of love, rose quartz in crystal healing is used in love rituals, romantic ceremonies and settings, and is the perfect crystal for the hopeless romantic. If you’re struggling to ‘find the love’, here’s one way to get there.


Obsidian is a stone of protection, self-reflection, and growth. Obsidian in crystal healing is mysterious, intense, and can help with a deep psychic cleanse. The obsidian works to clean up emotions and debris from the past that may be weighing you down. Some think of obsidian as a sort of spiritual bodyguard, protecting your soul from evil influences.

White opal

White opal, otherwise known as common opal or milk opal, is a crystal of protection, nurturing, and support. White opal in crystal healing clears the emotional body, and stimulates one’s optimism and hope. If you’re struggling to live comfortably, be accepting of yourself and others, and/or are caring for someone vulnerable or in a situation of distress, white opal may be a recommended stone to hold onto.

Red jasper

Red jasper is a nurturing stone, used for grounding and centering particularly among people struggling with burnout or undergoing an existential crisis. Sometimes we just need to renew our energy towards a given project to find the motivation or sense of purpose we once had. Red jasper’s also a lucky charm for several people who use it, empowering the spirit to appreciate everything that comes.

For crystal healing believers looking to start their collection of healing stones or to purchase a gemstone to give to someone you know who needs it, we invite you to come to Living.ca. You’ll find crystal ficial rollers in these 5 crystals and other accessories sure to please.

Featured Photo by Jennifer Ben-ali from Pexels

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