Should I Change My Refrigerator Water Filter – Here’s Why You Might

“Should I replace my refrigerator water filter?” This question’s asked every day by Canadian homeowners and renters all across the country. For most of them, they haven’t replaced their fridge’s filter in months or sometimes years. You may think, the water tastes fine, there aren’t any quality issues, and so there’s no reason to replace the filter. Unfortunately, you’re wrong. If you haven’t replaced your water filter in the last six months, what you’re drinking is no longer filtered water.

Just because water tastes fine doesn’t mean it doesn’t have tasteless contaminants floating about. Every six months to a year, the fridge water filter should be replaced. A refrigerator filter’s designed to remove any bad tastes and/or odors, through a combination of sediments and carbon filtration. They usually have a carbon block core wrapped in a plastic like polypropylene. Water flows through the outer edges, removing debris and suspended solids. Any contaminants cling to the carbon and what you end up with is clean, clear water.

There are many contaminants that a refrigerator water filter removes, including predominantly lead, chlorine, and volatile organic compounds (VOCs). There’s a lot of ways material can be added to water unknowingly. Sometimes old pipes or agriculture can bring contaminants to water. Other times, we may end up with sewage and waste runoff, prescription medications that have been flushed into the water supply, animal waste, dead animal particles, gasoline leaks, pesticides, and more. A refrigerator water filter takes care of ALL this!

When you don’t change your water filter, do you know what happens? The filter will clog eventually. Until then, the carbon reaches its maximum capacity and the filter’s likely to grow bacteria. It doesn’t happen in every case but a fridge filter left unreplaced increases the unhealthiness of water. A base rule is to never leave a filter in a refrigerator for longer than a year. has a high quality refrigerator water filter replacement ready to offer you and your household with clean water. Tested and certified, this design is leak-proof, easy to install, and contaminants are easily trapped in its coconut shell carbon center. It’s a simple twist on and off, which evidently makes its replacement easy to switch in. For this model, we recommend a replacement every six months to ensure maximum water cleanliness. You may not notice the difference in taste when switching out a water filter. If you do, this is a major sign something was wrong. If you don’t, that’s ok too because your body will know the difference. The less contaminants you have in your body, the less toxins you’re exposed to. Ultimately, this leaves you with a healthier lifestyle overall and water you don’t have to worry about.

Featured Photo by from Pexels

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