Did You Know October 7 is National Child Health Day

The first Monday in October is National Child Health Day. It’s no secret that today’s children do not receive the same amount of time outdoors and playing as they did decades ago. Though National Child Health Day is nearly 100 years old, it’s still a kind reminder to get children active away from the conveniences of inside.

There’s simply too much keeping children indoors, between the TV, computer, and all the gadgets, games, devices, and tech our parents’ generation didn’t have growing up. National Child Health Day provides parents with the opportunity to refocus on ensuring their children stay strong, healthy, and active.

In celebration of National Child Health Day on October 7 2019, parents are being encouraged to take their children outside for a walk, to play in the park, to do some yard work, or simply to participate in something outdoors. #ChildHealthDay is also being used to promote the event on social media and in select cities, there are even some events planned.

National Child Health Day was first declared in 1928 although was only switched to the first Monday in October beginning in 1960. At the time, this was in response to pressure from the American Federation of Labor and the General Federation of Women’s Clubs. At the time, the National Child Health Day very much stood for similar to what it is today – a time for kids and parents to connect in activity rather than simply existing sitting inside.

PHAT™ Kids’ Kick Scooter, Black

There are plenty of ways to keep children active and it can all be a lot of fun. There are sturdy trampolines you can use to have a little fun and get some low impact exercise in, there are scooters which can be a fun way to get around, and skipping ropes. Simple, inexpensive things like this can work well at keeping children exercising, active, and keeping their fitness levels up.

PHAT™ Foldable Trampoline for Kids
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According to a recent report, only 1 in 8 Canadian children get enough exercise. That’s harmful long-term on a person’s health. Numerous studies have shown that the nutrition and fitness activities a child does prior to adulthood can affect them for decades down the line. It’s an investment in their future, to be active and to eat right.

PVC Kids’ Skipping Rope
7 ft

Children are more sedentary than they ever have been before, spending up to 9.3 hours a day still. Let’s make a change this October 7 and get our children moving. Feel welcome to stop by Living.ca today and pick up one or two things in anticipation of the big day. It’s National Child Health Day!

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Featured Photo by Agung Pandit Wiguna from Pexels

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