A Black Friday Sale in Canada that Saves $100s on Small Kitchen Appliances

As far as we’re concerned, Black Friday’s already kicked off and we’re offering huge discounts on small kitchen appliances ranging from deep fryers to coffee makers and everything in between. See these special buys available for a limited time and save $100s off the regular price.

Refillable olive oil sprayer

If you have been counting calories and love sticking with salads, getting the correct amount of dressing or oil can be a challenge. This refillable olive oil sprayer can also be purposed with vinegar, a soy sauce, or lemon, but ultimately is going to give you a nice way to use just as much oil as you need and not an ounce more. Try that on for a kitchen Black Friday sale!

Refillable olive oil sprayer

Automatic electric corkscrew

An automatic electric corkscrew can open up to 80 bottles of wine in a single charge. For wine lovers, it makes for a great Christmas gift – hint hint! If you yourself struggle with traditional corkscrews or just want to make it easier on yourself, this is an inexpensive kitchen accessory to love.

Automatic electric corkscrew

16-in-1 multi-use programmable pressure cooker

Have you heard of Instant Pot? We’re talking multi-use programmable pressure cooker that’s perfect for cooking dozens of dishes. All you have to do is dump it all in, set it, and it’ll cook for you. No list of kitchen appliance Black Friday deals in Canada would be complete without Living.ca’s pressure cooker included.

16-in-1 multi-use programmable pressure cooker

12-cup coffee maker

Imagine a coffee maker that makes enough for everyone in the house and which keeps it hot. Anyone in search of a new coffee maker this Black Friday or Cyber Monday, the best deal out there’s with Living.ca. Browse several coffee makers, ranging from the larger 12-cup model to a single cup server perfect for any condo or apartment.

12-cup coffee maker

Electric coffee grinder

An electric grinder’s a major asset to a person in the kitchen who knows how to use it. The thing about an electric grinder is it doesn’t only need to be used to grind coffee beans. You can make some spices or herbs, crunch different products like peanuts, or whatever you see fit. An electric grinder’s also a perfect gift for someone who already has a coffee maker.

Electric coffee grinder

Blender and smoothies mixer

Those stuck in the habit of buying smoothies from a chain or juice bar, why not make it at home? Your monthly budget will thank you. A blender like this can make anything from smoothies to soups, shakes, and more. This way, you get to keep an eye on the sugar content and choose ingredients according to how you like it.

Professional blender and smoothie mixer

This Black Friday in Canada, visit Living.ca for cooking and meal prep appliances like these and others. The big day’s just around the corner and the deals so far are sweet, sweet, sweet!

Featured Photo by Pixabay from Pexels

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