What Party Supplies Do I Need to Celebrate a Birthday – see the list!

Hosting a birthday party in the near future? Every birthday celebration needs at least a basic collection of party supplies to get the right vibe set. Whether it’s a children’s birthday party, a family member’s, or if you’re throwing a surprise birthday bash for a friend, things like party balloons, party plates, and gift bags establish an aesthetic a person will hold onto forever in memory. Nothing on this list of party supplies you need is going to blow your mind or be conversation pieces. Even so, they are ‘the basics’ and if you want a rocking party, you start here.


Helium high quality balloons are a birthday party guarantee. Walk into a birthday celebration without them and you’ll feel like something is missing. You can choose from different colors, shapes, letters or even emojis. You can go with an absurdly high amount of balloons for impact, down-play it with a small collection of balloons gathered together, or shared them across the home in pairs.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY Foil Balloon Letter Banner, 14″

Party plates and cups

Like choosing the right balloons, the party plates and cups you use are about color and the aesthetic. If you have some colors chosen for the birthday party celebration already, that’s perfect! Choose these colors in your party plates, cups, and napkins. Be conscious of any contrasting that might happen with a table cloth.

LIVINGbasics™ Disposable Iridescent Shiny Paper Plates, Set of 10
  • 9″

Gift bags

If you are giving gifts, as fun as wrapping gifts can be, putting them in gift bags make them easy to carry and they look great on the table. Of course, you have birthday-themed gift bags but there’s also some that are for boys and girls, some for romantic partners, and then more specialized gift bags as well.

Large Happy Birthday Gift Bag

Party décor

When we start getting into birthday party decorations, this is evidently where we start heading towards more complex choices. Once you have your balloons, plates, and gift bags, you’ve achieved your base level in party supplies. Party décor can be as simple or as advanced as a party planner wants. We’ll leave it up to you – the party planner – to fill in the blanks on this one!

LIVINGbasics™ Hanging Paper Fan Set

Asking yourself, what party supplies you need to throw an amazing birthday party – it’s a very common question. Living.ca sells everything you need in party supplies and more. Browse, purchase online, and get it dropped off at your front door. Salute their birthday right! It comes once a year for everybody but for the person, a party can make it special. Visit us today. Organizing a birthday party doesn’t have to be so darn hard!

Featured Photo by Marina Utrabo from Pexels

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