How Do You Keep Warm in Winter?

You don’t have to be a newly welcomed Canadian to not be the biggest appreciator of how cold it can get up here in the north. Winter ain’t easy, when you’re a Canadian. Even so, conquering the cold outdoors is more than possible if you dress right and work the environment around you. For those that succeed at brazing these cold and frosty months, the winter season can end up being one of the most magical times of the year.


We don’t tend to think of the cold so much when we’re doing something and having fun. No, we’re not talking about your commute to work. Our point is, don’t let the cold stop you from having fun. Go sledding or skating, or a drive to see the lights of winter. The season brings such unique weather with it. These activities aren’t available year-round. Now’s the time to take a chance on ‘em.

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Layer it up

A sure way to feel cold in winter is to go outside improperly dressed. Here’s your chance. Layer over layer, do it up. Hats, gloves, scarfs, earmuffs, and more. Warm fabrics like cotton, wool, and fleece should also be worn pretty regularly. Indoors, make sure you’ve got decent socks and even consider buying some slippers to keep your toes comfy. Dress right and you’re three quarters of the way there to having an amazing winter in spite of the cold!

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Bring a hot beverage

If you’re headed outside socially or are on your way to work, grab a thermos and bring some coffee or tea with you as you set out on foot. Any time you feel like you’re starting to get cold, enjoy a sip. Even holding it in your hands can help keep you warm. In a sense, consuming a beverage that’s hot will heat you from the inside out. This said, be sure not to use this approach for alcohol. Though it will provide temporary warmth, it drives heat away from vital organs – not great.

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Maintain temperature

Many families keep warm in winter by maintaining a base temperature in their homes. Your primary living areas should be at roughly 64-70 degrees Fahrenheit, with the rest of your home somewhere around 61 degrees Fahrenheit. This should be the case for all the time, no matter if you’re home or sleeping, or wherever you might be. Another recommendation on top of this – bring a hot water bottle to bed.

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Use your headgear

An area that’s quick to get cold in winter are our heads. We bundle up everything else but are exposed from the neck up. If you can, consider a windproof aviator hat. These wrap around all sides. Some even come with a removable mask to help cover your neck, chin, and mouth. Completely removable, you can throw it on when you’re out and about, and take it off once inside. You’ll be glad to have these when it’s snow and windy outside!

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Featured Photo by Jill Wellington from Pexels

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