The Ultimate Guide to Throwing a St. Patrick’s Day Party

St. Paddy’s Day is almost here. As one of the greenest days of the year strikes on March 17, St. Patrick’s Day parties are going to fill the city. Why not throw your own – thanks to, it’s affordable, easy, and gives you the chance to vibe in the party atmosphere you want.

St. Patrick’s Day party décor

Transform your space with St. Patrick’s Day party décor. You don’t have to go all out here. Balloons, a foil banner, some hanging decorations, and a shamrock table cover’s a great start. Green’s the word. Set the tone for the room, with classic iconography.

St. Patrick’s Day wearable party accessories

Next up is every guest should have the chance to throw on some disposable wearable party accessories. St. Patrick’s Day-themed accessories can include things like leis, cut-outs, green fedora hats, shamrock-beaded necklaces, LED flashing pins, head bandanas, self-adhesive leprechaun facial hair, and more.

St. Patrick’s Day party games

Sometimes, even with all the effort already put in, the party doesn’t take off. Give your sea of guests something to do. Party-goers want to party. St. Patrick’s Day party games are a great conversation starter and they get everybody into a fun mood. Here are some basic St. Patrick’s Day party game ideas.

  • A scavenger hunt around your property for shamrocks.
  • Lucky Charms beat-the-clock challenge. The objective is to get as many lucky charm marshmallows as you can from one bowl into another.
  • Divide the party up into multiple times for a leprechaun makeover challenge.

St. Patrick’s Day snacks and appetizers

A lot of us focus on Guinness and drinks. St. Patrick’s Day is all for that but realistically, party people are going to want food as well. You can go store-bought with some green snacks or prepare some appetizers. Don’t cook up a meal excessively heavy. Try to stick with traditional foods from Ireland or items in smaller portion sizes.

  • Traditional Irish bread stained green with food coloring.
  • Shamrock cupcakes.
  • Homemade potato bites.
  • Arugula pesto sauce to spread on bread bites.

Creative party planning always wins the day!

For your St. Patrick’s Day party, get creative. Sure, these suggestions work. There’s so much more on top of these activities that can help make the day or night festive.

For a kids party, focus on games, giveaways, party bags, and green décor. For a family-friendly party, you may want to hit up a parade midday. For an adults-only affair, this is where you can really throw some weight into your party planning.

Have an amazing St. Patrick’s Day 2020 with Find party décor for St. Patrick’s Day, accessories, and more on sale!

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