Best Essential Oils for Spring 2020 to Use In Your Diffuser

All this coronavirus talk has meant a lot of Canadians forgetting that spring has arrived. Say goodbye to winter weather and hello to sunshine, flowers, and warm hints of summer. In celebration of the spring cleaning season, we thought we’d highlight some of the trendy spring 2020 essential oils.


Ginger is an essential oil beneficial for digestive health issues. It has been shown to help with abdominal pain and nausea, in particular. If you enjoy the scent of ginger, plug some into a diffuser and let it fill your home with loveliness.


Who doesn’t love the smell of cinnamon – we dare you to name a name. Cinnamon oil has immune-boosting characteristics allowing you to increase your immunity to the flu. Let’s be clear though. No essential oil is a cure for the flu. Anyone who says otherwise isn’t telling the truth. An ultrasonic diffuser can do a lot for you – it can’t do that.


Peppermint is an oil that promotes focus and concentration. It is a great essential oil to use in aromatherapy when you want to get some work done. It can also mask other smells which is helpful for spring cleaning, dusting, and anything being done in the home that’s kicking up a bunch of nasty stuff.


Oregano is one of the most powerful natural antibiotics there is. Employed in an essential oil diffuser, oregano acts as an antibacterial, antiviral, and antifungal. It isn’t perfect but oregano remains as a strong essential oil for spring.


Lavender was the most popular essential oil of 2019. It is still very on-trend, regularly used for insomnia and sleeping issues. It instills calm and also has been shown to help improve cognitive abilities. If you need a stress reliever in your diffuser, try this essential oil.


Rosemary oil is an energy-raiser. It turns tiredness into productivity – well, maybe not quite that spectacular but almost! Rosemary has been shown to be effective at increasing oxygen in the brain which is why it’s considered to help us feel more refreshed and energized. A great choice for your essential oil diffuser.

Clary sage

Clary sage essential oil has some major hormone-regulating effects, helping testosterone, progesterone, cortisol, and estrogen. Clary sage in a diffuser has been shown to help women overcome and better manage symptoms of menopause, PMS, and PCOS.


Frankincense is a very trendy essential oil, perfect for use in spring in your diffuser. So far, studies have shown frankincense can aid overall health as an anti-tumor, anti-cancer, and anti-inflammatory oil. It is used as a protective oil by many who employ it in their choice of aromatherapy.

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