Will Gloves Protect Me From Coronavirus – The Answer’s Complicated

You may see your local pharmacist, family doctor, grocery store clerks, and cashiers wearing gloves in protection against coronavirus.

Considering how COVID-19 is transmitted through droplets, one must ask do gloves work protecting against the virus – the answer is no. But also yes. Here’s what we mean.

Do Gloves Work for Coronavirus?

In most cases, gloves are unnecessary. They do not protect against droplets or contamination spreading elsewhere on the body, including the face. The virus is not transmitted through the hands. You get it on your hands, then you touch your face. Whether you’re wearing gloves for coronavirus or not, the important part is not touching your face.

You will also have to wash your hands regardless of whether you’re wearing gloves or not. For argument’s sake, if you were to get coronavirus on your gloves, it would still transfer to other surfaces. You may be living with a false sense of security wearing gloves like this. They don’t heighten protection like some think.

Don’t Forget to Wash Your Hands

The average person touches their face 20-25 times an hour. Coronavirus is transferred through contact, often between the hands and face. Gloves shouldn’t be a substitute for washing your hands.

Should Gloves Be Used in Medical Settings?

Where gloves are recommended for coronavirus is in medical settings like dentist’s offices, physician’s offices, hospitals, community clinics, and similar environments. In these cases, healthcare professionals are in close contact with their patients. Gloves can help in reducing direct skin-to-skin contact.

Will Face Masks Protect Me From Coronavirus?

Face masks are great if you’re sick. They prevent you from coughing and spreading the illness. Like gloves for protection, face masks aren’t going to do a whole lot for most people. The way coronavirus transfers goes around gloves, masks, and even premium coveralls.

For argument’s sake, if you do choose to wear gloves, ensure they are either disposable or washable. You will have to remove them carefully following an interaction where you suspect coronavirus could be caught. As we mentioned, you will still need to wash your hands.

Are you looking for disposable gloves? Hazmat suit-style coveralls? Other protective gear? Living.ca’s quickly becoming Canada’s go-to for disposable gloves and more. Reduce the coronavirus spread. Stay inside, unless you’re getting essentials. Wash your hands frequently. Consider wearing gloves if they’re appropriate for your personal situation. It’s better to be cautious. Though ineffective at coronavirus protection for most, for some, gloves are absolutely necessary.

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