Prevent Coronavirus By Cleaning These Areas In Your Home Every Day

The most likely way a person can catch coronavirus is through person-to-person contact. The second most likely way a person can catch coronavirus is through picking it up on a surface.

Even if you are in isolation, chances are you’re still going to the grocery store at the very least. Consider starting a regular cleaning routine. Use cleaners and disinfectants. Their regular use will greatly minimize the likelihood of contracting COVID-19. Here are the areas to focus on throughout your home.


We are in the kitchen every day. It’s where we prepare and eat our food. The possibility of ingesting a virus like COVID-19 is high when you’re around the kitchen. Clean the countertops, fridge handles, anywhere you’ve eaten or prepared food, and the sink. Disinfect. Do so after any time you bring in groceries. Before and after every meal. It’s a smart move to make.

The Toilet

The toilet is another area where we find ourselves every day. It is an area very likely where someone might pick up a virus like coronavirus. Fortunately, toilet bowl cleaners are excellent cleaners and will kill coronavirus. As a disinfectant, they kill and rinse bacteria, germs, and coronavirus. Ensure toilets are being flushed after every use. Don’t forget to use a disinfectant to clean the handle, rim, seat, and surrounding area.

Frequently Touched Surfaces

Where to focus your attention are frequently touched surfaces. Take a disinfectant wipe and disinfect things like doorknobs, light switches, fridge handles, tables, desks, faucets, sinks, and similar surfaces.


Electronics like remote controls should be regularly disinfected in a multi-person household. Electronics that are being used every day should have their touchpoints adequately cleaned regularly.


Your smartphone is a germ-catcher. If you’re carrying coronavirus on your hands, it’s going to catch on your smartphone screen. Clean it regularly. Use a disinfectant wipe. An alcohol-based wipe is best but you can use a spray and paper towel if you don’t have a wipe. Dry your smartphone screen afterward as you don’t want any liquid pooling.

Cleaning Supplies

You also want to keep an eye out for your coronavirus cleaning supplies. Things like mops and cloths should be cleaned fairly regularly. As these are things that are likely to get wet and damp, it creates a perfect environment on which a virus like COVID-19 can live. Any reusable cloths should be disinfected and washed in water at 140 degrees Fahrenheit after each use.

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