How Can An Infrared Thermometer Diagnose COVID-19 – read here

The rise in COVID-19 cases in Canada and our government’s inability to test as many people as many of us would like has meant searching for ways to identify the virus and new methods of diagnosis.

An infrared thermometer gun is one such device. It’s been used by organizations and manufacturers to ensure employees aren’t working with a fever, and at different checkpoints, airports, and other access points.

Infrared body temperature readings are accurate and instantly tell if a person’s internal temperature is at the level of a fever. Using an infrared gun to do it, you also circumvent the impossible task of sticking a thermometer into everyone’s mouth.

Are infrared thermometers an accurate way to diagnose COVID-19 – yes and no. Any type of thermometer only reads temperature. So it can diagnose a fever. Not everyone with the virus exhibits symptoms of fever. Furthermore, COVID-19 can still be infectious without a fever.

You also run into demographics of people who may have a higher body temperature due to reasons unknown, from a medication they are taking, from alcohol withdrawal or medication withdrawal, or if their immune system has been weakened in some way.

Can a non-contact thermometer produce a false positive – cheaper models can. Also, just because someone’s temperature is elevated does not mean they have coronavirus. It simply means they could.

Considering what we know about COVID-19, a non-contact digital thermometer isn’t a highly effective diagnostic tool. That said, it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t use it. If you are continuing to operate and are inviting employees into close quarters – even with social distancing in play – thermometers diagnose fevers and can identify a potentiality for coronavirus in anyone.

Until the government finds a way to test people affordably and instantly, an infrared thermometer’s the best way to test someone in the moment for signs of coronavirus.

The demand for thermal scanners and infrared forehead thermometers has risen significantly because of these reasons. There is no better way to screen a large number of people in a short amount of time. Having an infrared thermometer is better than not having it, plain and simple. is offering free shipping on its FDA-certified non-contact digital thermometer. Instantly identify anyone with a fever or an above-average body temperature. Use it in light or darkness, retain data, and ensure you have a workable solution to protecting yourself and your employees. Buy your non-contact thermometer today at

Featured photo by cottonbro from Pexels

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