How to Celebrate Father’s Day in a COVID-19 Shutdown

As we saw with what Mother’s Day looked like this year, Father’s Day could very well be similar. COVID-19 has switched up a lot of families’ annual plans for celebrations and gatherings. For Father’s Day, physical distancing guidelines will still be in place which means no hugs or handshakes. That’s right, no handshakes. What a dull time to be alive!

Whether you’re fortunate enough to be able to spend this Father’s Day with your Dad or are separated by kilometres of distance, there’s still a few ways to make it a memorable occasion. Here are a few ideas we think are worth entertaining for sons, daughters, and anyone still searching for a way to impress their father on June’s best holiday.

Send Him A Gift

If you can’t physically be there in-person to give your father a gift, send him one in a parcel via Canada Post. You, in fact, don’t even need to leave the house. A lot of shopping can be accomplished online through marketplaces like Browse all sorts of categories and locate something meaningful to him. From there, you can put in his shipping information and coordinate it so that the gift sends to him rather than you.

Schedule A Video Chat

If you don’t intend to have a short visit, a substitute is a video chat. When you become a Dad, you notice Father’s Day as it comes and goes. Just communicating with him can mean a lot in showing your love. You can talk about his likes and interests, catch up on things going on in his day-to-day and yours, and discuss lifestyles. Every Dad’s a little different in terms of what they’re interested in but no father isn’t interested in talking to their child on Father’s Day. Give them a ring!

Watch Some Entertainment

Go over and watch a movie or do it over video chat. You can do it remotely! If he doesn’t like movies so much, watch a classic sports game or a concert. Whatever you think is best for him. Grab some snacks and get comfortable. This can also be a great time to help him explore apps or streaming services like Netflix, Amazon Prime, Crave, Apple TV, or Roku if he has access to these but hasn’t figured out how to work them yet.

Home Improvement Projects

Our last suggestion for Father’s Day ideas are to look at doing a home renovation, home improvement project, or something DIY-style. This can be something as simple as changing a bathroom fixture or vacuuming and tidying up his vehicle. It can also be something more expensive like woodworking. It can also be some quick activities like fixing a slouching couch, setting up the BBQ, or setting up a garden in the backyard.

This Father’s Day is yours to be creative with. Get inventive, stop by for Father’s Day gift ideas if you wish, and have at it!

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