Why Use An Electric Toothbrush – Benefits, Costs, And More

When you can get a high-quality toothbrush for $0.71 from Living.ca, why do you need a toothbrush that’s electric – well, the answer isn’t surprising.

Electric toothbrushes were built to be a more effective toothbrush. They are more efficient in cleaning compared to a non-electric toothbrush and provide a design that no cheap model duplicates.

Automate Your Brushing

A lot of people buy electric toothbrushes because they like the idea of incorporating more technology into their lives. To this end, an electric toothbrush automates your brushing through vibrations. All you have to do is gently glide the toothbrush over your teeth and the tech accomplishes the rest.

Improves Brushing Technique

Can you still get equally clean teeth with a manual toothbrush – of course. It comes down to technique. If you’re using the right technique, a manual toothbrush can outperform an electric toothbrush that doesn’t know what it’s doing. The thing about that though is that an electric toothbrush often gets the same work done faster and more effectively.

What’s the Cost of An Electric Toothbrush?

Every model’s different, with some electric toothbrushes priced at over $100. The electric sonic toothbrush from Living.ca is priced at $$15.99 which is higher than your non-electric cheap toothbrush but the added cost is worth it. You get switchable toothbrush heads, high-quality DuPont bristles, and automatic timer and you get up to 48,000 brush strokes a minute. Wow!

Help You Hold Up Your Toothbrush

If you have arthritis or manual dexterity issues, or if you find it difficult to physically hold up a toothbrush to brush your teeth, you may consider an electric toothbrush to get the job done quicker.

Remove Bacteria with Ease

An electric toothbrush with sonic vibrations creates micro bubbles that gently removes any bacteria biofilm. This is what causes a variety of dental issues such as bad breath, staining, bleeding gums, and gum disease. A manual toothbrush doesn’t compare. This is one area an electric toothbrush far outdoes non-electric tools in performance.

Double Your Plaque Removal

An electric toothbrush removes up to double the amount of plaque and stains on average compared to a regular manual toothbrush. Plaque build-up often happens in hard-to-reach places. If you find yourself with bad breath or have been diagnosed with gingivitis, an electric toothbrush gives you something extra to tackle the problem.

Shop Living.ca today for both manual and electric toothbrushes. With an electric toothbrush, capitalize on five different clean models, a battery life of up to 100 days, no harsh noise, and 48,000 brush strokes per minute. If you haven’t yet converted to a new electric toothbrush, get ready to open your mouth to a whole new brushing experience. Visit us.

Clock photo created by freepik – www.freepik.com

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