Do You Need A Door Security Bar – read here

Are you looking for some added security to your door – a door security bar or door jammer is potentially your answer.

You may have seen these sorts of security bars before. If you have hinged or sliding doors, a criminal’s not going to take long getting inside. Though a door security bar may not fully prevent a security breach – after all, almost nothing will – it can slow them down and, for some, provide prevention all-around.

The doorstopper and security bar is adjustable from 27.5 inches to 44.5 inches. It’s applicable to any door. If you remove the top piece, it can also be purposed as a sliding door security bar.

How a door security bar works is simple. The pivoting ball joint you see on its bottom grips your flooring and the padded foot ensures no movement. The hook on the top is meant to be positioned on your doorknob. From there, you’re set.

A high-quality security bar like this should work on any flooring without scratching it – tile, hardwood, linoleum, carpet, stone, laminate, ceramic, vinyl, and more.

The majority of people who use door security bars would be people in apartments or a single bedroom in a communal condo type of situation. It adds some security and prevents unauthorized, unexpected users from entering.

How well does a security bar work at doing its job – quite well. That said, you may not want it to be your singular piece of security. Reinforcing your strike door plate, getting the best door jamb possible, investing in a quality-made deadbolt, and even replacing the door are all options. If these things are out of your knowledge or price range, a door security bar is fast, cheap, and functional.

Let’s say, someone runs up to your door right now and you have your door security bar on. Attempting to kick the door down won’t work at first, if at all. This gives more time for intruder detection and a higher likelihood that someone will just give up and move on.

For renters, apartment dwellers, and people in similar situations, this added measure of security gives you some peace of mind in knowing you’re some place safe, secure, and protected. Expensive security options and/or other similarly priced security products can also aid. A door security bar certainly is something to keep in mind if you’re particularly concerned about your entranceway.

For door security bars, deadbolt locks, and more, visit Get the right home security products for your needs and equip yourself for the worst. Should you ever encounter someone trying to intrude on your personal space, a door security bar should do the trick.

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