Where Can I Buy COVID-19 Supplies Like Face Masks And Hand Sanitizer in Canada this Summer

COVID-19 cases have gone down nationwide. Provincial economies are re-opening. Finally, Canadians have been allowed out to visit their favourite local restaurants, enjoy some time at local parks, and earn an income when their employers go back into business.

Despite all the good news – and we don’t mean to discount any of it – we are far from done fighting COVID-19. The truth is that as unlikely as it is, a second wave in the fall is possible. Potentially, we could be set up for another economic shutdown at any time. Be ready.

Basic COVID-19 supplies like face masks, hand sanitizer, face shields, safety goggles, and disinfectants haven’t been the easiest to find throughout the pandemic.

Despite government officials strongly recommending people wear face masks, use alcohol-concentrated disinfectants, and to sanitize, if Canadians don’t have access to those supplies none of it’s going to happen.

Living.ca has tried to do its part by locking in suppliers and stocking up our warehouse with necessities for any Canadian who needs them. Shopping at Living.ca today, we still have a tremendous amount of stock we can ship out tomorrow if need be.

If you have to go back to work but are nervous about encountering COVID-19, choose from disposable non-medical face masks in bulk, KN95 mouth cloths in bulk, or reusable cotton face masks with filter pocket.

If you haven’t been able to find any hand sanitizer at your local stores or don’t know where to purchase hand sanitizer in Canada, Living.ca has several brands – all of which exceed the minimum requirements for a coronavirus-effective hand sanitizer.

If you are a business owner or run a household and are concerned about the people in your space, you may want to consider a non-contact digital infrared forehead thermometer to capture temperature or use a fingertip pulse oximeter to monitor blood oxygen heart rate.

If you want to be even more cautious and are looking for nitril gloves, string-knit gloves, polyester-cotton gloves, or Nylon gloves, Living.ca has all of these ready to ship for our customers.

Canada still needs a lot of COVID-19 essentials to supply to its frontline workers and in the procurement process, unfortunately, very little has been set aside or provided to families sitting and waiting at home for the pandemic to pass.

Living.ca is proud to be one of the few marketplaces that have continued to operate, never shutting down in the pandemic, and offering our clientele what they need to feel safe and protected. If you don’t know where to buy COVID-19 supplies in Canada, please stop by our website. We can help.

Health vector created by freepik – www.freepik.com

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