What Dorm Room University Essentials Did You Forget to Pack for Back-to-School

A dorm room is a lonely place without the things that make you feel like you. Moving into a university dorm room isn’t something to be taken lightly. Find the essentials that are going to aid you in performing your best throughout the school year.


Chances are you will be wanting to move between rooms or have to go do laundry or the bathroom. You don’t want to get fully dressed and the cold hard ground can be frosty on the feet. A pair of comfort house slippers will keep you feeling your best even in the dread of wintertime.

Travel Mug

If you’re not already a coffee drinker, you most likely will be once the university year gets into swing. A travel coffee mug with lid is your best investment. This way, you can get a cup started and take it with you. Wherever you go, you got your energy juice ready to kick you into full-gear!

Alarm Clock

The easiest, most natural way to wake up isn’t through a buzz or beep. It’s by light. A wake-up sunrise simulator can be programmed to use light, Bluetooth, and audio to get your morning started right.

Wake Up Light Alarm Clock with Sunrise Simulator
Wake Up Light Alarm Clock with Sunrise Simulator

LED String Lights

Some might not call these an essential but LED string lights are all about creating mood and atmosphere. After a day’s worth of study, work, and hard brain-work, decompressing away from everything is important to rebooting yourself for another day.

Mason Jar Dispenser

Though a mason jar glass dispenser is used more often for kitchen soap, this university year is fraught with the threat of coronavirus. This is the perfect place to house some alcohol-based sanitizer. Fill it, keep it in your room, and use it after you exit and return.

Luxury Cotton or Microfiber Bed Sheets

A comfortable place to sleep. Every student needs one. If nothing else. Ensure you have high-quality luxury cotton bedding or super-soft microfiber bed sheets. You will get more rest. Even when you’re having a bad day, you’ll know you always have a comfortable bed waiting.

Premium Bath Towel and Hand Towel Set

Once again, it’s about the simple things in life. If you have to spend money on something, materials you use every day are where to do it. A Living.ca premium bath towel and hand towel set comes with two bath towels, two hand towels, and 4 washcloths. You’re set!

These are just a few of the items you want to ensure you’re walking into your dorm room with. University life is spent in dorm rooms. Equip yourself with what you need to really make it a true ‘home’ for you. Visit Living.ca today to pick up dorm room favourites and more.

Photo by Derick McKinney on Unsplash

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