7 Trendy Kitchen Accessories You Never Knew You Needed

The kitchen’s sort of a funny place. It’s a room waiting to be turned into a mess and we do so every day with pleasure.

Though we can’t promise any of these fun, trendy kitchen accessories will help keep the place clean, they will certainly add to the experience of being in your kitchen and preparing food efficiently. Here are the trendiest kitchen products available this fall from Living.ca.

Glass Jar Containers

Canning jars haven’t really changed a whole lot in the last few decades. They can be rather unattractive and bulky though. When you’re looking to separate foods into containers for safekeeping, try these lead-free glass jar containers with bamboo lids.

Clear Glass Olive Oil and Vinegar Dispenser Bottle
Clear Glass Olive Oil and Vinegar Dispenser Bottle

Glass Olive Oil Bottle

Olive oil is a very healthy oil. Unfortunately, when we buy it, we get it in bulk. Pouring olive oil, it can come out in larger amounts than what’s preferable. Limit those calories. Use just enough. A glass olive oil bottle is one of our best-sellers and can be used with all sorts of kitchen liquids.

Glass Cheese Shaker

We all have salt and pepper shakers. These are common ingredients to the average North American diet. There’s so much more you can put into these sorts of tiny jars. Try adding a few of these glass cheese shakers to your cabinet for dried herbs, chili flakes, and dispensing cheese through its perforated lid.

Kitchen Sink Caddy

Some things you just don’t want to drop into the sink. We get it. Utensils and cutlery are best left inside a kitchen sink caddy like this one, ensuring they don’t rust at the bottom of your sink. Unclutter your countertops and let your utensils air-dry after a wash.

Spray Oil Dispenser

A spray oil dispenser is used for many things in kitchens and restaurants. In gourmet food preparation, only a certain amount of oil or liquid is used. A spray oil dispenser like this is perfect for coming up with your own oil mixes, when you just want to add a little spritz of lemon or lime, and can be applied in a variety of different ways.

Salad Slicer

A food processor is a lot to use and clean for a small salad. Try a salad slicer instead. For fruits, vegetables, and nuts, you can prepare small amounts of food in seconds. Lettuce, tomatoes, peppers, carrots, cheese, celery, cucumber, broccoli, and more. When you’re done, it’s just a quick rinse and your cleaning responsibilities are fulfilled. So easy.

USB Cup Warmer

Whether you drink coffee or tea, all of us know how quickly our cups can go from being very hot to lonely and cold. A USB silicone cup warmer slows that done a bit. Though not a kitchen accessory per se, this one can be used around the house or at the kitchen table to keep your coffee or tea as warm as can be.

Photo by Jason Briscoe on Unsplash

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