Save Space with these Glorious Wine Racks For Your Countertop and Kitchen

Wine lovers love wine racks. It’s a great way to feature your best wine and heightens the luxuriousness of any kitchen.

If you’re new to the world of wines and are just beginning to build up your collection, before adding another bottle, consider purchasing one of these traditional wine racks for your countertop or kitchen display.

Tabletop Wine Rack

A tabletop wine rack organizer is what most amateur collectors want. It won’t appear overly empty, it holds your favourite bottles in an easy-to-retrieve location, and is eco-friendly. Holds maximum eight bottles. This is also one of the best quality and most affordable wine racks in Canada – a purchase well worth making.

Wine Rack Storage Organizer 12-Bottle Dark Espresso Bamboo Countertop - SortWise™
Wine Rack Storage Organizer 12-Bottle Dark Espresso Bamboo Countertop – SortWise™

Espresso-Color Bamboo Wine Rack

The next step up in countertop wine organizers and tabletop wine racks is this dark bamboo countertop wine rack. The previous tabletop wine rack held eight bottles while this one holds twelve. The design is stylish and contemporary. The horizontal design also makes it easy to fit anywhere you need.

4-Tier Durable Metal Wine Rack

A free-standing wine rack like this is very basic but it works. Your wine tells the story – not the organizer. This 4-tier metal wine rack holds 16 bottles and is an elegant choice for any kitchen needing the space.

Metal Arched Floor Wine Rack

An upgrade above the basic rack is this metal arched floor wine rack capable of holding 23 bottles. The sturdy metal wire frame is sealed with a rust and oxidation preventative. This is restaurant-grade. Feature your best wines to family, friends, business partners, and other wine collectors like yourself.

6-Tier Stackable Wood Wine Rack

This is a great option if you have a few bottles of wine but want to build your collection to something grander. This stackable wood wine rack holds 36 bottles. You can start off with one section and build from there. Each tier gives you six spaces. From SortWise, the wood also makes for a memorable kitchen appearance.

What Will You Put in Your Wine Rack this Season?

If you enjoy having people over and showing off some of your wine selection, now’s the time to replenish your selection.

Many local wineries Canada-wide are selling some great batches this season, in addition to the tasty imports, trends, and vintages available elsewhere.

If at all possible, visit a local winery to do some taste-testing and see the winemaking in action. You just may discover a new favourite! In the meantime, visit today, choose the wine rack that best suits your kitchen, and have the tiers you need to stock up for winter.

Photo by nic on Unsplash

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