How to Organize Your Wardrobe Closet For Men

Closet garment racks. Wardrobe closet organizers. Modular shelving storage organizers. All solutions for a disorganized closet or lack thereof, for men, understanding how to use them is central.

If you routinely struggle to locate shirts, pants, ties, or wardrobe accessories, you know more organization is needed. A well-kept wardrobe makes it easy to pick out clothes quickly and will also keep your clothes looking their best for longer. Here is how to organize a men’s wardrobe closet.

Organize By Category

Separate your business clothes from your casual clothes. Separate bottoms from tops. Group together the clothes that fit the same theme. If possible, leave space between each section. Utilizing a portable wardrobe storage cabinet, this is easy.

Modular Shelving Storage Organizer Cube Unit
Modular Shelving Storage Organizer Cube Unit

Organize By Color

After you have your clothes grouped by category, organize them by color. Progress from light shades to dark. Doing this will make it easier to put together an outfit.

Hang Your Clothes

Some clothes should be hung rather than folded. Dress shirts should be hung in a way to retain their shape, buttoning the top two buttons when hanging them. Jackets, suit coats, and blazers should be hung similarly. Trousers should be hung from the waistband to avoid wrinkles and to ensure there’s some air circulation around them to help preserve the quality of the fabric.

Organize Accessories

Using a modular shelving storage organizer, you have lots of places to organize wardrobe accessories like belts, ties, socks, underwear, and more. When possible, hang belts and ties, put hats on hooks, and have one area dedicated to socks and one dedicated to underwear.

Put Dirty Clothes Away

A part of wardrobe organization for men is ensuring you toss dirty clothes immediately into your hamper. You have an array of laundry hampers and foldable laundry baskets to choose from, matching this item to whichever wardrobe organizer you prefer.

Remove Clothes You Don’t Wear Regularly

If you own articles of clothing that haven’t been worn in a year, consider getting rid of them. Remove them from your collection and put them somewhere else if you intend to keep them. Donate them if you want them gone. This clear space in your closet for the clothes you will be wearing regularly.

Men’s styles are quite diverse, from professional suits to athletic workout clothes. Using a closet organizer or wardrobe modular closet is one way to simplify your morning dressing routine. For the modern guy who wants to look good and feel comfortable, set yourself up for success with a wardrobe closet for men from

Photo by Alyssa Strohmann on Unsplash

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