Best Bathroom Accessories to Add Value Without Remodeling or Renovating

The bathroom is a high-value room in any household. It’s a place we all go at least a few times every day.

Your bathroom should be the sort of place you are comfortable and excited to walk into. Bathroom remodeling and renovations can be tremendously expensive, however, bathroom accessories are not.

There are a wide array of trendy bathroom accessories that can heighten the experience from the shower to the sink.

LED Toilet Night Light

In the middle of the night, you get the urge. You’ve got to get up and out of bed and to the washroom. An LED toilet night light is easy to use, installs inside your toilet, and provides light to avoid a person having to stumble around.

LED Toilet Night Light Glow Motion

Handheld Bidet Sprayer

A handheld bidet sprayer attaches to the side of the toilet and makes cleaning easy. Control water pressure with this nylon-braided hose. For individuals with mobility issues relating to surgery, arthritis, pregnancy, or injury, and for elderly adults, a bidet sprayer can be very helpful.

Bluetooth Body Fat Scale

Anyone who is on a weight-loss plan or who lives a fitness-driven lifestyle, a Bluetooth body fat scale tracks metrics with high-tech that gives more insight into your health. See weight, BMI, fat percentage, obesity percentage, muscle, visceral fat, protein, bone, BMR, water, LBM, and body age.

Electric Sonic Toothbrush

A rechargeable electric sonic toothbrush makes brushing your teeth easy. Fast-charging, waterproof, and capable of delivering up to 48,000 stroke power, choose your clean mode. Multiple studies show electric toothbrushes remove up to 100% more plaque and stains than regular manual toothbrushes.

Automatic Touchless Soap Dispenser

Prevent cross-infection, encourage hand-washing, and get others in your home excited about washing their hands. An automatic touchless soap dispenser is contact-free, fast, and works with any soap. It’s easy to fill, inexpensive, and brings high-tech to your bathroom.

LED Shower Panel Rainfall Shower Head

On the more expensive side of bathroom accessorizing is the LED shower panel rainfall shower head. Choose from rainfall, massage jets, handshower, tub spout, and rainfall and massage jet combinations. A generous addition to your shower, the LED digital display makes it fun to use. Taking a shower with this next to you is a whole different experience compared to the usual.

This is just the start. Anyone can upgrade their bathroom look without a full remodel. Find a collection of the best bathroom accessories in Canada from Add the colors, tech, gadgets, and trendy products you love. From storage to high-tech, we got it all. Cozy vibes all-around!

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