How to Still Have A Thanksgiving Celebration with COVID-19 Lurking Outside

COVID-19 precautions have interrupted what would otherwise be a very loving time of year.

Thanksgiving in Canada plays big with families. It’s a time to have a home-cooked meal, make memories, and get in touch with family and friends that you may not see on a regular basis.

Unfortunately, this year, Thanksgiving is in the middle of a pandemic with rising numbers of the infected.

How to do Thanksgiving with COVID-19, while a challenge, is still accomplishable. One just has to get a little creative with how they’re going to get it done. Here are some ideas on what Thanksgiving might look like this year.

Thanksgiving themed paper handkerchief

Have A Virtual Thanksgiving

We know it’s not ideal. We would all rather be in the same room with friends and family.

Doing so would put others at risk. Instead, arrange a video conference on a platform of your choosing. Skype, Facebook, Zoom, etc.

Choose your method of choice and set it up for yourself and relevant family and friends.

Don’t Look at the Traditions You’ve Lost, Create New Ones

This is going to be our Thanksgiving with COVID-19 and it could also be our Christmas.

To be depressed about the missed traditions isn’t going to help with anything.

Try to feel better by initiating new traditions. Consider a gift-giving, letter-writing, or cook a new food you want to try. Be creative. Ignore the negatives. Create some positives.

Cook A Meal and Drop it Off

You don’t want it to just feel like you’re on a video conference call. Thanksgiving has still got to be Thanksgiving, after all!

The day before your big bash, cook up a meal. Do it like you would on Thanksgiving. Then, set it up in portions and distribute it to the ones you love by car.

Drop it off in the morning and then, when dinner rolls around, no one has to worry about cooking. They can warm it up, sign on via Skype, and have fun.

Drop Off Thanksgiving Party Accessories

Along with your Thanksgiving meal, consider making it more of a care package.

Include Thanksgiving party accessories like napkins, plates, cups, and that sort of thing. This way, no one has to cook or clean afterward. It’s as easy as opening up your containers and warming it up.

Play A Game or Watch A Movie

Especially if this is your first time doing the family-and-friends thing on video conferencing, awkwardness is to be expected.

Plan ahead to minimize the silence. Try to arrange a game that can be played over video conferencing.

Alternatively, if it can be managed, try watching a favourite movie on Thanksgiving. If everyone presses play at the same time, it could be a fun experience!

Get all your Thanksgiving essentials and more from Don’t let Thanksgiving go by without saying hello to family and friends. Even if it’s by video chat, Thanksgiving can still be Thanksgiving.

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