How to Use Textiles to Decorate Your Home

Textiles are a powerful tool in interior design and home decorating yet it often gets forgotten about, instead with discussions turning to eye-catching home accents, color palettes, and furniture.

There are hundreds of different textiles that can be adapted to suit any household. By knowing what to do with them and where to put them, you can dress up your home and make small adjustments as you go along.


Curtains, particularly blackout curtains, work well predominantly in living rooms but also in bedrooms.

If you want curtains in multiple rooms, this is a great opportunity to use similar curtains – if not identical – to create continuity throughout your home. The latest trends on home décor suggest thick curtains to be the most in-style. The more voluminous and spacious, when used in large rooms, the better.


Bed sheets and bedding – another underrated textile option.

Soft, luxurious microfiber bed sheets and bedding are perhaps the most comfortable choice, available in various sizes. A lot more affordably priced can larger blankets, the right set of bed sheets can make or break the quality of one’s sleep.

Bed Sheet Set Bedding

Rugs And Mats

Rugs and mats can go almost anywhere in the home. In front of the sink. Beside your bed. Anywhere.

Depending on where you’re putting it, it’s smart to prioritize a non-slip kitchen mat for places where safety could be compromised.

Alternatively, if you intend to use one in your bedroom or living room, comfortability is also a must. A faux sheepskin rug might be just the right rug decoration for these sort of general living spaces.

Table Cloths

Table cloths aren’t a favourite for a lot of homeowners because they can be spilled on and stained.

Once you get the hang of table cloths though, it can be a great decorating asset to a kitchen table. They make waterproof and oil-proof table covers, and there are plenty of others in all different colors.

Seasonal Cushions

Another way to use textiles to decorate your home is with cushions that can be switched out according to the season.

Winter and Christmas are coming up. It’s a fine chance to buy some red cushions, cushions with a foliage motif, red plaid cushions, and soft decorative cushions to help keep you warm on the couch throughout these colder months of the year.

Find all these exquisite textiles for winter and beyond at Refresh your rooms, from the bedroom to the front door, with inspiring textiles and new décor that showcase your personality!

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