Why It Makes Sense to Shop Online this Black Friday

There’s been a huge surge in online shopping since the COVID-19 pandemic officially began in March.

This has already impacted Black Friday shopping season in a big way, allowing us to reflect that maybe going to the mall and actually going out to shop isn’t necessary anymore in taking advantage of the big day.

Black Friday this year falls on November 27, 2020. Cyber Monday is the following Monday. Throughout the past decade, there’s been a pretty clear distinction between the two dates. Friday’s associated with in-person shopping. Monday’s the time to pick up deals online.

Things have changed. This year, Black Friday deals in Canada are online all month long. You certainly don’t have to wait for Black Friday, Cyber Monday, or any day to do your shopping, opting in on the best money-saving deals of the year.

Why to Shop Online this Black Friday

Shopping online is easy. All you need is a credit card. You can sit in your seat, watch an episode of your favourite TV series, and shop the day away.

Save $100s not only on deals for you but holiday gifts as well. There are no long lines, no inconveniences whatsoever.

You can also shop anything this Black Friday from Living.ca, such as groceries, COVID-19 essentials, kitchen and bathroom remodeling accessories, small kitchen appliances, pet supplies, home workout fitness accessories, holiday décor, and more.

Black Friday 2020 sales are a great opportunity to get all the shopping you have to get done in the next six months done in one big swoop. What you’ll save this month of these deals can be massive!

Are You Waiting for the Best Black Friday Deals?

Like we said, you don’t have to wait. Living.ca Canada-exclusive Black Friday deals are going right now.

Upgrade the look of your bathroom with an LED night light, new bathroom fixtures, bathroom organizers, and more.

Target your kitchen with all-new high-tech kitchen appliances such as microwaves, pressure cookers, and more.

Tidy up your home with all-natural cleaning tools like handheld steam cleaners, automatic soap dispenser, an automatic sensor trash can, and a high-suction and self-docking robotic vacuum.

For coffee lovers, Living.ca has single-serve coffee makers, glass kettles, coffee bean electric grinders, and espresso machines.

You’ve got something for everyone at Living.ca. If you see a dilemma with shopping in-person, competing so closely with others in line in the COVID-19 pandemic, don’t bother with any of it. Arguably, Canada’s best Black Friday deals are all online. Buy early. Ensure your orders arrive before the holidays.

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