What Will You Be Shopping For on Boxing Day Sale 2020

Boxing Day deals in 2020 are bigger, badder, and better than ever, with premium price cuts at Living.ca.

Specializing in everything you need to fill your home with modern style, small kitchen appliances, storage and organization, and more, Living.ca is at the center of this year’s Boxing Day sale in Canada.

Perhaps the best thing about it is you don’t even need to leave your home. Shop all sorts of products and get them delivered to your front step within days. Do it online or through the Living.ca app.

What will you be shopping for this year – check out some of our top Boxing Day sales below.

COVID-19 Essentials

Yes, COVID-19. Despite the promise of more vaccines on the way, the next few months are still very much going to be filled with precautions, public health recommendations, and more.

Essentials such as face masks are still in high demand. Order your COVID-19 essentials online.

Garden Tools and Accessories

Don’t let this winter fool you. Spring is coming. It’s going to be a heck of a time to get out and enjoy the warmer weather on the way.

It’s only a few more short months. Try your hand at gardening in March with some of our Boxing Day garden sales.

Pet Supplies

For cat and dog lovers, and new pet owners, here’s your chance to pick up pet essentials at a bargain.

Explore amazing price cuts on everything from toys to cat towers, crates, and more. Everything you need to keep track of your furry friends is at Living.ca, even automatic pet feeders.

Home Tech And Appliances

For most shoppers, here’s the good stuff. High-tech. Home tech. Small appliances. These are Boxing Day 2020 sales that are really going to turn your household into something extraordinary.

Browse coffee makers, blenders, pressure cookers, and deep-fryers for the kitchen, steam cleaners, body fat wireless scales, LED lamps, and more.

Storage And Organization

Households can really express themselves in the items and products they choose for home storage.

See 100s of Boxing Day deals on storage boxes, baskets, wine racks, stands, jewelry organizers, laundry storage, furniture, cabinets, shoe racks, and more.

No matter what you’re shopping for this year, be sure to stop by Living.ca and pick up what Christmas may have missed in terms of gifts. Plan your next three or four months. What do they look like – whatever’s missing, Boxing Day is your last chance to pick it up on sale! Shop with Living.ca.

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