Best Boxing Day Sales in Canada Brand by Brand

December’s a month for giving. We give to our friends and family over the holiday as well as hopefully to ourselves.

If you’ve come up short treating yourself well this month, use Canada’s Boxing Day sales as opportunity to correct that.

1,000s of Boxing Day sales are hitting the pavement next week and with that are significant cuts in price as well as ‘free delivery’ coupons on select products.

What will you be shopping for this Boxing Day 2020 – check out the brands below for some interesting ideas.


OXO is an Amazon favourite, offering cooking and cleaning accessories on Boxing Day sale. Through, see creative products like compost bins, salad spinners, salad prep sets, spiralizers, and more.


Stasher is a revolutionary line of storage bags, perfect for the kitchen and the refrigerator. On Boxing Day deal, you can also find reusable bags for snacks, half-gallon bags, and reusable portable pocket bags for things like USB cables.


MINISO is a Japan-based dollar store-esque brand. They have an array of unique handheld accessories that are very Instagram-friendly, trendy, and portable. Wireless keyboards, callus removers, portable humidifiers, and yoga mats are here. Find what you need on MINISO Boxing Days sale on December 26, 2020.


SortWise offers amazing home storage and organization products for every room in the home. Kitchens, bathrooms, dining rooms, living rooms, bedrooms, and more. Find big Boxing Day discounts on all sorts of creative storage organizers.


LIVINGBasics has over 500 products discounted in celebration of Boxing Day. The LIVINGBasics brand does not specialize in any one specific area but has a well-rounded collection of home products like coffee makers, espresso machines, essential oil diffusers, and non-electric toilet bidets.

Dr. Jart+

Boxing Day is a fine opportunity to get some healthcare and beauty products – such as face masks – from Dr. Jart+. A Korean cosmetic brand, find some amazing skincare treatments unavailable elsewhere. Pick yours up in time for the New Year.

Joseph Joseph

Joseph Joseph is a brilliant UK-based brand specializing in homewares. They’ve launched over 1,000 products, from the kitchen to the bathroom. Some best-sellers in 2020 include hydration bottles, compact cutlery organizers, food waste caddies, and various storage organizers.

Whether you’re from a big family or you’ve spent the holidays on your own, Boxing Day is your last chance this year to pick up the gifts you didn’t get or didn’t receive. Shop for the best Boxing Day sales in Canada.

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