7 Cheap Ways to Upgrade Your Bathroom And Turn It Into A Full-Blown Spa

The bathroom can seem like a tough room to dress up and make into something special but it actually isn’t.

With a little effort and a small-to-average budget, you don’t need much to make a few simple upgrades that can make the world of difference to your experience here. Turn your bathroom into a sanctuary. Here’s how.

New Bath Towels

You don’t regret this. Get some new bath towels and hand towels. They have multi-piece premium grade towel sets for sale online at Living.ca that are an easy 10/10.

Install A New Shower Head

There are some absolutely exquisite spa-like shower heads on the market today. From an LED rainfall shower head to a simple 8” luxury round rainfall shower head for under $20, installing a brand new style in this part of the bathroom will make you excited to take a shower again.

59” LED Shower Panel Rainfall Waterfall Shower Head with Body Jets – LIVINGbasics™

Replace Cabinet And Drawer Handles

Although this can sound very boring, it does have a purpose. If you like your cabinets and bathroom drawers, keep them! It doesn’t hurt to switch out the handles, however. You may be surprised at how ‘new’ things look simply by installing new bathroom handles.

Get Dimmable LED Bulbs

When you have dimmable LED bulbs, you control the atmosphere in the room. You can truly create a spa-like atmosphere any time you like. Dimming the lights are romantic and also very relaxing.

Improve Bathroom Storage

There are dozens of opportunities to make the most of your bathroom with storage products. Consider installing bathroom storage over-the-toilet, in the corner in the shower, a cosmetic countertop multi-tier rack, a toothbrush holder, or a bamboo bathroom shower bench.

Upgrade Your Bathroom Faucet

Maybe you already have a bathroom faucet that you love. If so, hey, leave it. If not, consider upgrading to a more modern model. Whether it’s a single-handle tall body, two-handle, a touchless design, or waterfall faucet, a case can be made for each.

Lead Free Brass Single Handle Bathroom Basin Faucet – LIVINGbasics™ – Brushed Nickel

Bidet Sprayer

A bidet sprayer is an increasingly common bathroom feature found on toilets everywhere. Electronic bidets exist that are built into the toilet seat as well as handheld bidet sprayers and inexpensive non- electric hot and cold water sprayers. Even if this isn’t your thing, it doesn’t hurt to have a look and consider the possibility of changing things up in your washroom.

If you’ve been dreaming about the bathroom updates you want to get done, do it now. Find everything you need at Living.ca to make one of the most frequented rooms in the house all the more pretty, relaxing, and comfortable.

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