Why Separate Light, Dark, And Color in A Laundry Hamper

Laundry accidents happen. When you have nice clothes, you want to protect them in the washing machine. Here’s everything you need to know about why to separate light, dark, and color in a laundry hamper.

Do I Have to Sort My Laundry?

It’s a really good idea to sort laundry in a hamper. Sure, everyone has an opinion on separating laundry but if you’re making the effort to sort garments, you will almost definitely see clothes last longer.

You will avoid common laundry problems. You will be able to control washing cycles, i.e. comparing delicates to normal as well as wash temperatures.

Sorting doesn’t take long. It’s so easy to do! Just have a hamper ready with separate sections dedicated to each.

The biggest benefit is perhaps with the whites. Any t-shirts, socks, underwear, or similar white clothing will come across a lot clearer and cleaner. Don’t let those dyes bleed!

Dye Problems in A Washing Machine

There are two types of dyes that pose problems when lights, darks, and color are mixed.

Direct dyes can bleed out of one garment and into the wash which contaminates everything. Cold or lukewarm water can do this, just like hot water can.

Reactive dyes are another problem. They break down in bleach-containing detergents. The leaking of reactive dyes into the wash occurs in the same way as direct dyes, with some colors fading and widespread contamination.

Unless you want your clothes to turn pink or grey, you have to separate clothes into light, dark, and color.

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How to Wash Lights, Darks, And Colors

In your laundry hamper, separate everything. Don’t combine them in the same wash. Darker colors will ruin lighter fabrics.

Darks include blacks, greys, navy blues, reds, and dark purples. Lights are pinks, lavenders, light blues, light greens, and yellows.

For lights, use a detergent containing bleach. For darks and colors, use a detergent without bleach. To avoid fading – at least, somewhat – turn your clothes inside out to protect them in a wash.

Don’t forget to separate delicates, i.e. lingerie, pantyhose, washable silks, and similar clothing. Delicates shouldn’t be washed or dried in any way that could cause damage to an important garment.

Capitalize on the potential of more vibrant colors and high-quality clothing with a foldable organizer, laundry basket, or laundry hamper. From whites to darks, lights, colors, and delicates, it’s worth it. Believe us! Visit Living.ca today to get your multi-section laundry hamper.

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