11 Reasons to Throw A Party For Adults

You shouldn’t have to have a reason to throw a party but in this landscape, you kind of do. Premium adult parties are based around special occasions.

Be it a birthday, engagement, holiday, or something similar, these are all great reasons to throw a party.

Those aren’t the only reasons to throw a party for family and friends. Here are 11 more. Call it a celebration and text your friends!


We don’t take enough time to note the major events in our lives, such as someone moving in or moving away. This is a great time to celebrate the person, some memories, and have some company.

TV Finale

When there’s a TV finale on, gather your friends together, have a feast, and watch along. Gatherings around TV series’ finales and premieres are becoming more and more a thing. Notorious examples online include parties Game of Thrones, The Walking Dead, and others.


An engagement party is a fun way to get together with friends that’s not all-out wedding party supplies. It’s a much more casual hang-out that acknowledges the couple whose made the commitment.

46965 gold anniversary gold anniversary

Big Sports Game

When there’s a major sports game on – such as the playoffs or a city rivalry – it’s a great time to gather your buddies together. Even those who aren’t necessarily invested in sports can still drop by and hang out.

You’re Cooking A Meal

If you like to cook, you may consider once a month or once every few months throwing a celebration based around a dish. It can be a meal of a specific cuisine, i.e. Vietnamese, British, Mexican, etc. It can also be something more general like a BBQ or more specific like a turkey cook.

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Professional Accomplishment

If someone you know has received a raise, a promotion, been given an award, or recently experienced a major breakthrough at their work, throw them a party. No work is perfect. When they succeed at their professional passion, be proud of your friends.

Academic Accomplishment

At an academic level, you may want to throw a party for someone who has just passed a tough test, done a major presentation, or graduated from a course. The party can also be just for completing something, not necessarily the result. Make it fun.

8af0f you did it you did it

You’re About to Travel

Someone who is about to depart for a long-term, extended bout of travelling – i.e. months – certainly can appreciate having a going-away party thrown in their name.

You Quit Your Job

If you or someone you know has quit their job, there are a few ways to have a party. To cheer them up. To celebrate them finally quitting their job. To make you or them feel good about a major life change.

Changing Seasons

When the seasons are changing and you have your first snowfall, a healthy amount of autumn leaves blowing around, or the flowers are finally starting to bloom in spring, it’s an excellent opportunity to invite some people over and get everyone excited about the weather change.

A12ae sweet succulent sweet succulent

You Don’t Need A Reason!

At the end of the day, you don’t need a reason to throw a party. If it’s Friday, Saturday, or any other accommodating day to you and your friends, have at it!

No matter why you’re having the party, visit Living.ca today to shop for premium party supplies ready to be sent out for delivery.

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