How to Avoid Break-Ins And Increase Visibility At Night With Solar Motion Sensor Lights

Criminals target properties that are easy to break into. They don’t want challenging or problematic situations that have an increased chance of failure.

Lighting plays a large role in protecting properties from break-ins. Unfortunately, a lot of commercial and residential properties are not thoroughly protected with lighting when the sun goes down.

A lack of visibility means a thief does not need a hiding place and does not need to put in significant effort into getting inside and out without detection.

Try Solar Motion Sensor Lights

Solar lights for security provide a number of benefits. They are charged by natural light, don’t require a
power source, and turn on and off as needed.

They are built to be outdoors, which means they are waterproof, wireless, and bright even in undesirable conditions.

The adaptability of solar motion sensor lights also means they can be incorporated into various designs. Set them up on the outside of your perimeter, at outdoor gates, on walls, along your driveway, in the garden, on the patio or deck, or to the side of steps.

As you can imagine, solar lights don’t inherently need to be used for security. If you’re out somewhere in front or behind your property and you need some visibility, your motion gets you that. You don’t have to bring a flashlight or alternative lighting source.

Solar Motion Sensor Light 30-LED PIR Waterproof Wireless Bright Light

Are Solar Motion Sensor Lights Bright?

Solar motion sensor lights vary in quality. There are obviously some cheaper lights that aren’t as bright.

The solar motion lights are notoriously bright. Made up of 32 bright LEDs, they provide wide-angle illumination and detection, an energy-efficient power source, and automated operation.

An average day’s sun provides roughly six to eight hours of charge. Considering these lights will not be on for the whole night, that’s well above-average.

In use, they offer roughly 5-8 metres of visibility depending on the conditions. That’s more than enough brightness to detect someone breaking in or to add visibility to your property’s surroundings.

Home security LED lights are a wonderful addition to your home or commercial property, improving safety in a wide variety of ways. They don’t come with any sort of monthly fee or membership and cost no electricity to operate.

These LED lights are also stylishly designed and can be blended into any home décor scheme.

Find affordable LED outdoor lights at and set up the perfect solution to year-round security.

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