The Best Gifts to Keep Children Busy, Active, And Engaged

The perfect birthday gift. For some kids, it’s hard to pinpoint exactly what that is. When you’re searching birthday gift ideas, consider some of these deals and sales courtesy of


Get your child outside of the house and out playing with you, their siblings, or other kids in the neighborhood. Accessories like a glow-in-the-dark Frisbee are fun, easy to understand, and almost beg to be thrown around.

300-Piece Puzzle

A 300-piece puzzle of Starry Night, one of Van Gogh’s most famous paintings, is a way to encourage one’s artistic tendencies as well as to provide them something interesting to do on days inside.

3D Puzzle

Puzzles have come a long way in the past few decades. 3D puzzles, such as this of the Eiffel Tower, are a new way to engage in puzzles. It also challenges one’s visual and spatial perception. A great birthday gift, this puzzle is easy to assemble with no glue required and no scissors required.

Fidget Spinner

A few years ago, fidget spinners were incredibly popular and they certainly still have a place. Children with ADHD or anxiety can benefit greatly from fidget spinners. It’s a calming toy for kids and adults of every age.

Kick Scooter

A portable and foldable kick scooter for kids is ideal for a child up to 12 years of age. Maximum load-bearing is up to 110 lbs. High quality, flexible, and equipped with luminous wheels, a kick scooter will help a kid get around the neighborhood and get some speed behind them.

Plant Light

A plant light for indoor plants is a way to foster interest in being eco-friendly and understanding plant life and how things grow. A plant light allows one to have an indoor plant sheltered from sunlight and still provide full-spectrum light, ensuring the plant survives and is well maintained.

Portable Art Easel

For a child who likes to paint, do arts and crafts, and to get creative, encourage that! Buy a portable art easel and give them their own space to do art. It’s a kind way to show you notice them and their talents.

Ceramic Piggy Bank

A ceramic piggy bank is a way for kids to save their money. It’s an introduction to the benefits of saving money and planning purchases, something which isn’t taught enough in our younger years. If you have decided to start giving your child an allowance, a ceramic piggy bank is advantageous for that reason. It lets your child see, hold, and understand money better.

Shop all these birthday gift ideas and toys at today. For kids who need something to do, there’s something at for everyone. Now is the time to start thinking about how to encourage your child in their pursuits and to support them.

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