How to Start Your Own Vegetable Garden this Spring And Summer

Do you want to grow your own vegetables this summer at home – you can!

There are dozens of vegetables that are easy to grow in a garden in Canada. Just a few small seeds can yield significant portions of healthy nutritious veggies.

Peas, carrots, cucumbers, tomatoes, lettuce, and more can all be grown rather simply in a vegetable garden. That said, a few things can help a great deal in maximizing your time and effort. Here are some tips to help you start a vegetable garden.


Put your vegetable garden in a location that has minimum 6 hours of direct sunlight every day. During growing season, sunlight is a necessity. Without it, vegetables will struggle to grow. This applies to veggies you’re growing indoors in planters as well.

Large, Deep Growth

A lot of vegetables really dig into the soil. You have to provide them enough room to grow. A deep planter or pot with a minimum of 12 inches of soil is recommended. A pot or planter too small will prevent the root structure from assuming the natural amount of space it’d take.

Beds v. Planters

Most gardeners will grow a vegetable garden in raised beds, temporary or permanent. Alternatively, if you’re short on space, using summer 2021 planters or planting grow bags also works.

Garden Beds With Water Reservoir & Drainage -GreenWise™

Grow in Rows

Though it’s not necessary to growth, most vegetable gardens are arranged in rows. A row of carrots, a row of lettuce, etc.

This allows you to spot weeds and remove them before they are problematic. Any insect infestations or exposure to disease can also be identified and limited.

Mix the Soil

Before planting seeds, always mix your soil a bit. When we buy soil, it is compressed. Mixing soil, you’re creating spaces through which water can move. This will carry nutrients and allow root growth to spread.


A lot of inexperienced gardeners forget to think about their own mobility when creating a vegetable garden. You may want to use planting grow bags, planters, or a combination of temporary beds at the right height to ensure you aren’t stretching your physicality too thin.

Add Nutrients

All plants rely on soil to provide them nutrients. In nature, these are supplied. If the soil is old, a gardener’s going to have to add nutrients themselves. This is done through adding organic materials or inorganic fertilizer.

Sunlight, water, nutrients, and space. That’s all you need to start a vegetable garden. Small packets of seeds cost very little and what they bring in return can be sizable. Try your hand at a vegetable garden and shop planters, grow bags, and garden accessories at today.

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