9 Birthday Party Ideas For Adults In 2021

Having a birthday party as an adult is not quite like it was when you were a kid. Some avoid celebrating their birthday altogether just because they don’t know what to do. There’s no roadmap on how to have a birthday as an adult.

Well, if you’re dreading the thought of trying to plan an adult birthday party, try out these ideas.

Spa Day

For a daytime birthday party, try a spa day. Face masks. Massages. At-home mani-pedis, if that’s manageable.

Murder Mystery

Have one of your friends create a murder-mystery for you. Each guest is assigned a character. You might even want to dress up. There are several murder-mystery scenarios available for download online.

Movie Marathon

A movie marathon can be themed in any number of ways. If you have a projector and it’s summertime, try a little backyard drive-in picnic-style birthday with premium party supplies carrying treats.


If you and your friends are fans of cooking, baking, or BBQing, have a full night’s worth for your birthday. You can bake tiny cakes, each guest customizing their own. On the BBQ, do up some meats. If you have a dish in mind for dinner or a set of treats that can be made in a way that personalizes the end result, try it out.

Wine Tasting

If you’re going all the way with a premium-style luxurious birthday party, nothing’s more upscale than a wine tasting. Try a wine-tasting kit, sign up for a service if one’s available in your region, grab from your favourite bottles, or encourage each guest to bring a wine they’ve never tried before.

The Roaring Twenties

Go upper-class with your birthday party. Go suits and fancy dresses, jazz music playing in the background, champagne, and of course luxury party supplies and tableware to boot. It’s an excuse to dress up and helps to lift the spirit.

Dance Party

If the roaring twenties sound a little old-fashioned to you, go the other way with music and the festivities. Plan a dance party at home. Set up a playlist of your favourite artists or pull from concerts, live performances, and YouTube videos to blast across your biggest screen at home.

Game Night

Game night is fun and simple. Invite your friends over in their pajamas. Go for board games or multi-person roleplaying games. If you’re into video games, an alternate is to have ‘friend vs. friend’ tournament on your favourite game. All of this is easy, makes a memory, and outlines everything to expect.

Jewelry-Making Night

A jewelry-making birthday party crafts custom jewelry from different materials. A guest then receives something to take home with them. Add to that a little wine and good conversation, alongside the usual jewelry-friendly metals and stones, and you have a one-of-a-kind birthday ahead of you.

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