See Trendy Home Décor Products From Safdie And Co. On Sale This Season!

Safdie & Co. is a Canadian-based home décor brand from Montreal. Their products are in corporate retailers and small business boutiques alike, and they are easily one of the most successful in their category.

Here are some trendy 2021 home décor products from Safdie & Co. on sale via worth checking out.

Knit Cooling Pillow

A luxury pillow for sleeping disperses heat, promotes air circulation, and is hypoallergenic. Comfortable sleeping doesn’t have to seem so out of reach for those struggling with staying asleep on those hot summer nights.

Polyester Blackout Curtains

This summer, if you want to keep the sun out, there’s nothing better than polyester blackout curtains. Stylish and available in over a half-dozen different colors, choose your Safdie & Co. curtains according to your preference.

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Polyester Laundry Bags

From oversized to small, Safdie & Co.’s stylish laundry bags give you a place to put your dirty clothes and keep them out of sight until it’s time to wash them. Designed almost like a trash container, this aids in keeping dirty smells from stinking up your room.

C-Shaped Accent Table

The beauty of a C-shaped accent table is that it slides into a couch or beside a bed, bringing what’s on it closer to you. It also looks gorgeous at any size, from small almost coffee cup-sized tables to larger wood and metal tables with drawers.

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MDF/Metal Wall Shelf

A light grey metal wall shelf can help keep your living room organized and be put in a kitchen. Modern-contemporary aesthetic aside, this is a handy organizer to have anywhere in your home. Easy to assemble and install, against your wall for safety.

Safdie & Co. Computer Desk

The Safdie & Co. computer desk is high-quality, made from MDF and/or metal, and with two shelves. It’s a very minimal home décor piece, presenting in a simple and open way. It’s also relatively small which makes it perfect for setting against any wall or in a corner.

Round Accent Table

If the earlier-mentioned C-shaped accent table doesn’t quite suit you, try an MDF/metal round accent table instead. Available in white-and-gold or dark taupe-and-black, this adds to the luxurious presentation of a room and looks just as suitable to a work-from-home executive-style office as it does a living room.

Weave accents into each room of the house. Find textures and materials in home décor that suit your stylish personality. If you’re craving bold and small pieces, you’ve found them. Shop Safdie & Co. home décor in Canada at and surround your furniture with trendy, minimalist-inspired must-haves.

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